TV Meets Web – Introducing Google TV

Google is showing off this week at their Google I/O conference.

A ton of very interesting announcements, collaborations and even acquisitions.

One of the more eye-popping announcements was that of Google TV. Check out video below for all the specifics right from the conference floor.

Hey Apple, are you guys paying attention to this ? That little “side hobby project” the AppleTV that many of us Mac-faithful purchased, well – that may just end up on CraigsList in the not-to-distant future.

Of all the news accompanying this announcement, here are the key topics that I think are fascinating:

  • Google TV lets you search TV shows just like you would Google Search. It provides results from the web and from TV. You can tune in directly to your show.
  • Google TV lets you search through the entire web.
  • Google TV allows for PIP mode (Picture in Picture)
  • Broadband connectivity, it’s “easy” to integrate with your Cable or Satellite Box, and it has a strong processor: enhanced GPU for graphics (even 3D).
  • Google TV input devices include a keyboard and a pointing device. It combines keyboard, remote, and mouse.
  • Phones can also be paired to Google TV devices over WiFi.
  • It runs on Android, it uses Google Chrome and it runs Flash 10.1.
  • Android benefits: You can run apps and Android marketplace on Google TV.
  • Google TV automatically syncs your Android apps to your TV.
  • YouTube Leanback announced: It pushes YouTube videos to your TV from your friends, YouTube’s recommendations, your subscriptions and favorites, etc.
  • YouTube Leanback is a web interface, not an application just within Google TV. It’ll be available in the next few weeks.
  • Bryan Perez of the NBA is on stage now. NBA has optimized its content for Google TV.
  • You can browse the NBA schedule and click “record” and record those games to your DVR , all from the web.
  • Google TV is open-source on Android and Chrome.
  • Google has partnered with retailers and manufacturers to bring Google TV to life.
  • First partner: Sony. They are launching a full line of integrated TVs and an integrated Blu-Ray Player.
  • Second partner: Logitech: Launching a companion box to integrate Google TV within your setup. They’re also launch peripherals.
  • Third partner: Intel — they power both devices.
  • Google TV is coming in fall 2010
  • Google has also partnered with Dish Network — its DVR will seamlessly integrate Google TV into Dish Network.
  • Best Buy will be selling Google TV devices.
  • Early 2011 will have updates with Android market, Google TV SDK, and TV Web APIs. In summer 2011, it will open source Google TV.

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TV Meets Web - Introducing Google TV 1
TV Meets Web - Introducing Google TV 3
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