With the rising cost of games during a recession like this most people have been cutting back on entertainment because it is very expensive. But people fail to realize if you have a good computer and a fast internet connection there are games that are out there that cost nothing to play!

So what’s the catch? The games will either unlock additional features such as new classes and races if you subscribe or have places like item malls so you can purchase better gear for your characters. Here are some of the better games that are out there.

  1. Earth Eternal: One of the things that I love about this game is it’s completely browser based. That’s right, you don’t need to go ahead and spend hours upon hours downloading some client that takes up megs or gigs of space. Just download the client, create an account and you’ll be playing in no time!
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean Online: Fan of the movies? Love to take your own adventure, fight pirates and sail your own ship? This is definitely the game for you! There is an upgrade for $4.95 a month that unlocks more content including the ability to fully customize your pirates.
  3. Dungeons and Dragons Online: In the 1970’s Dungeons and Dragons defined the role playing era and shaped the future as it’s known today. Now you can take part in a epic quest with the traditional characters and races that people are used to. There’s even a high quality pack that takes up more space but it’s well worth it.
  4. Battlefield Heroes: Tired of questing in dungeons and killing monsters? Would you rather be taking part in squad based combat, flying planes and driving tanks as you crush the opposition? Then battlefield heroes is the game for you my friend! Choose from the Royal Army or the National Army in this wonderful cartoon shooter as you have 3 classes to pick from.
  5. Ray City: Love cars? Then this is the MMO for you! In ray city you can drive around in your cool car and also race against other people from all over the world. But there’s also many quests to do so you can get money and parts to trick out your ride!

  6. Requiem Memento Mori: The first horror mmoprg that’s not suitable for a younger audience as there are gallons of blood spilled when you hit a monster and some of the enemies explode in a fountain of gore. This is not for the faint of heart but if you have the stomach to press on go online to start your creepy adventure.
  7. Urban Rivals: Just want a game where you can relax and have fun? This is definitely the game for you. Urban Rivals is an online card game that’s completely browser based (no download required) and you can get started right away! Each of your cards can also be leveled and when your character reaches a certain level you’re granted new cards as rewards.
  8. Neo Steam: This is one of the mmo’s that is handled in part by Atlus (makers of quality rpg’s for various consoles). Taking place in a fantasy steam punk setting you can equip your characters not just with swords but with guns as well! But take heed as there are also creatures of flesh and metal that are waiting to tear your character to shreds. Venture forth to embark on your journey.
  9. Sword of the New World Granado Espada: This game takes place during a time of discovery and gives you an opportunity to create not just one character but three which you control at the very same time! Classes vary but there are not only fighters and wizards but musketeers that use rifles!
  10. Toontown: Want to introduce your little ones to online role playing but everything seems so adult? Take ’em to Toontown! You can create your own toon which will assist Mickey, Goofy and Donald to save Toontown from the dreaded cogs. Fight against the boring and dreaded robot menace with cream pies and water bottles!

These ten games are just the tip of the iceberg as there are tons more free to play games on the PC. One of the best ways to find some of the popular ones is to search free mmorpg in Google and you’ll find a plethora of links to click.

No matter the games that you choose you can rest assured that you can now have fun again on your PC without having to shell out a lot of money. Take care and happy gaming!

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