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People start websites for a number of reasons. Some just want one that serves as a place to capture their daily thoughts, such as in a blog. Some want a way to promote a business or just to offer general information about what they do. No matter the need, websites are good ways to promote you to lots of people around the world.

But before you start your website, understand that you need to have web hosting. Website hosting acts as a medium to get your website out to the masses on the internet. It also provides you with a place to save whatever files and folders you will need to put in your website. If you don't have hosting services, it's just like you are wasting time designing a website that will never be up and running.

Now that technology is advancing at faster rates, web hosting services are now providing customers with more options for customizable services. In addition to simply giving you more choices for disk space usage, you can now have options for the way in which they will render services. There are two main choices, which are shared hosting or managed hosting.

Managed web hosting is great because it makes it possible for your website to be live and running at all times during the day and night. It also provides a nice service in the security and management that it offers. This service stands out among the rest because it offers security patches. In addition to that, it will also assure that your site is controlled and is not overloaded with data. Besides that, your site pages will load more quickly with the hosting.

However, having all these features from this service, expect that the charges are going to be much more expensive than the usual. However, this is going to be advantageous for a bigger business that needs their website to be up all the time and protect them from competitors' hackers.

With shared web hosting, the website will share a server with potentially a lot of other customers and companies. In other words, you will not have your very own server for your stuff; you will be sharing it with others. Most people go with this service because it is a lot less expensive. When you don't get your own space, you naturally will pay less.

The main issue with hosting services that are shared is that the websites there are not quite as secure as if you had your own space. This is simply because the disk space is shared and hackers will be able to get in with more ease to the many sites on the servers. And also, load time becomes possibly slower because more than one website is hooking into the server.

Web hosting offers you these and plenty of other options. As long as you understand the purpose your site serves for you, you can then decide which options are best and most appropriate. By doing this, you will be satisfied with your complete solution.

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