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A perfect website design: How to attract visitors?

Unfortunately, your website is not going to be visited because it is a beautiful work of art, but rather because it is accurately returned in searches by one or more search engines. Attracting visitors to your site relies not only on design, but also search engine optimization(SEO services).

Design and SEO go hand in hand
The most common, and expensive mistake that a company can make is to design their website and then later consider optimizing it for search engines. Many aspects of SEO require the adaption of design elements. It is therefore recommended to bring an SEO expert in at the start of the design process. These two equally important fundamentals of a website should develop simultaneously.

The customer comes first
Like when writing a song or making a movie, one must remember that when creating a website, you are not designing it to satisfy your own ego, but rather to attract clients. In so doing, the website must be designed in such a way that it is appealing to clients and markets your products, company or services efficiently. The content should be focused and grouped in a logical fashion that mimics the consumer’s train of thought and fulfills their immediate needs. This will also assist with key wording and indexing.

Keyword considerations
Continuing with the customer, it is wise to consider the most likely keywords that a potential consumer will use to search for your site. Your website should be designed in such a way that these keywords direct them to the right page.

Text vs Graphics
Though it has been noted that internet users have become accustomed to instant satisfaction through images, it is important to strike a balance between formatted HTML text and graphics. Some visitors may prefer one, some the other. The use of too much or too little of either is not recommended. A perfect harmony, accompanied by the strategic positioning of keywords, will increase the visibility and accessibility of your website.

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