Confronting the Pesky Wii Remote Problems

The Wii gaming system is an incredible device. The most revolutionary electronic component in the Wii system, however, is the Wii remote. It is also the device in which problems seem to occur most frequently. It can also be the most annoying when it is not working correctly. Should yours begin to operate erratically or not work at all, don’t get suicidal. There are several steps that you can take on your own to come up with a Wii remote problem fix. Some of the most common fixes are given below.

Problems with Tilt

Check to see if the motion sensors are functional. Hold the remote in one hand with the button side facing downward. Gently tap the button side against the palm of your hand. Gently is the key word here. If you tap the remote with too much force you can damage the unit. If this procedure is going to solve the problem with Wii remote, it will do so with the light tapping required. If this procedure does not work as expected, during future game play, place the Wii remote on a flat surface in a neutral position.

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The Remote’s Batteries Discharge Too Quickly

A fresh set of batteries should allow the Wii remote to operate for about 30 hours. That time can vary depending upon a number of factors: the quality of the batteries, the ages of the batteries, the particular Wii games that are being played, the volume of the remote speakers, and rumble can also have an effect.

Wii remote problems often result from bad batteries. If you have elected to use rechargeable batteries, make sure that they are nickel metal hydride batteries. These batteries are the only ones that are approved by Nintendo for use in the Wii remote. Understand and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the proper use of these batteries and the things to consider regarding safety for both you and the Wii system. If you misuse the remote by installing the wrong type of batteries, you may void your warranty.

Conserving battery power is another excellent way to extend battery life. Place your Wii into burn-in reduction mode. When in this configuration, the remote goes to sleep when the Wii is turned off or after five minutes of system inactivity. This is unquestionably the best procedure to follow to extend the operating life of your batteries, and is known to fix most Wii remote problems.

Wii Remote Fails to Rumble

If your Wii remote fails to rumble when expected, go to the HOME menu and ensure that the remote power isn’t low. Check to ensure that the rumble feature is turned ON. You may have forgotten this important setting.

The remote should rumble slightly when you point it at the Wii button which is located at the bottom left side of the screen. If the rumble does not occur, then the rumble feature is malfunctioning and the remote may need to be taken to a service center for repair.

Remote Buttons are not Responding

If a button on the remote does not respond when you press it, don’t panic. Not all Wii remote buttons are active for all games. Find out if the button is supposed to operate during the game that you are playing before running off to the service center.

There are obviously other problems that can occur with the Wii remote. If your particular problem has not been discussed, or you continue to be bothered by problems that are mentioned above, check out your Wii Fix Guide. This guide seems to have a solution for repairing all of your wii remote problems. All troubleshooting and repair procedures are clearly laid out step by step to get you up and running again quickly.

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  1. i have one wii for half an hour,but still no any problem about button,but sometine it is true the wii system has some problem, i remember one is Problems with Tilt, but later i have solved it.

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