Qik-In-Touch Live Streaming Mobile App

It is definitely the age of photo, video and instantly knowing, seeing and sharing whatever activity you happen to be doing with those you call family and friends.

We all know the interaction experience from posting a status update on Facebook, from tweeting what we’re up to on Twitter and also making what we hope is the next viral video to take the world by storm on YouTube.

Along with those tools (and a handful of others), I use Qik to stream live video from my iPhone. I really like the ability to stream video, name the session, and then post it to multiple places within my lifestream (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

Well, currently in late-alpha testing is an app from the makers of Qik called Qik-In-Touch. This now gets even more personal and more defined in terms of who you allow to see your videos – and I like that.

Essentially you send the grandparents, the in-laws, and whomever else you choose an invite email that will contain a link to download the very agile Adobe Air application that is loaded on the invitees computer; when an event is streamed by you, the app automatically updates and notification are sent and bingo – grandma sees the little ones doing whatever cute thing it is that they do.

For an ever clearer explanation check out the following video.

If that looks appealing to you – I have 20 private beta invites. Tweet me here and I’ll take care of you. First come first served.

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