Are Your Healthy Choices Really Healthy ?

While I was doing some shopping the other day I noticed several people purchasing turkey bacon, and it made me think of the new health regime that most Americans seem to be adopting. Whether it’s making the switch from regular pasta to wheat pasts, wheat bread to white bread, or only buying food with the “low-fat” label, people everywhere seem to be adopting healthier lifestyles. I first started being health conscience when I was in college. I was an athlete, and like most athletes, I was devoted to making by body fit and conducive to success on the field. Don’t get me wrong, I am human, and would have my share of splurges. It was not until I took a course in human nutrition that I realized I didn’t know as much as I thought….

It was the topic of saturated fats and sugars that really resonated with me. My professor told us we should stay clear of saturated fats because they were a major player in fat storage. Bearing that in mind, I would dissect the back of every food label, paying close attention to the saturated fat percentages. Anything over 15-20% was right back on the shelf…I neglected to read the rest of the ingredients, which was simply ignorant of me. For example, I didn’t care if there was an excess amount of sugar, which also leads to fat storage…Anyways, as my quest continued, you can imagine I was pretty ecstatic when I learned that there were healthy substitutions for bacon and butter, or what I call my breakfast staples. Science Based Nutrition

I thought I was cheating the system because I was getting the similar taste without the unnecessary fats. This did, however, make me grow skeptical. How can turkey bacon taste possess a taste so similar to regular bacon (at least I think so)? The same goes with butter. What is getting compromised to attain the same delicious taste? More of this, more of that-I don’t know much about what preservatives or ingredients are harmful, but from here on out I’m going to be a little more conscience about what is going into my body when I make the “healthier choice.”

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10 years ago

[New Post] Are Your Healthy Choices Really Healthy ? – via @twitoaster

10 years ago

[New Post] Are Your Healthy Choices Really Healthy ? – via @twitoaster

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