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Latoya To Release MJ Tribute Song Jackson will be releasing a single which is being billed as a tribute to her late brother. The song, titled “Home,” was originally recorded for LaToya’s album Startin’ Over in 2002 and is now scheduled to go to iTunes on July 28th.

In “Home” LaToya fondly recalls childhood memories of the Jackson family which is also curious to me considering the 1991 tell-all book La Toya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family in which she bashes her father and blasts personal details of her siblings lives (the family has long denied all her allegations).

I’m going to try to remain open-minded on this. I honestly don’t think LaToya should be trying to sing anything, anymore (leave the singing to Janet).

The song, IMHO, isn’t that great either. But, hey, if it’s honestly a tribute song to her baby brother then it will be warmly received when it releases.

Go here to listen to a preview of the song.

What do you think of Ms. LaToya’s new song?

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