Facts About The Transformers 2 Character Jazz

Autobot Jazz promo poster _both vehicle and robot modes_There are rumors spreading among the transformers fans that Jazz is making a return in transformers: revenge of the fallen. As yet these are just rumors and there are no confirmed reports about this fact.

Jazz was in the first transformers movie and was destroyed by Megatron in the last encounter. His pieces were passed to Ratchet who could not mend him as his glow had faded. Those who have seen the first transformers movie or have pursued the mini series or the comics they would easily remember Jazz. Earliest Lieutenant Jazz is the smallest of the Autobots but is a happy go lucky sort of fellow. He is also quite a talker as compared to Ironhide and Prime. He may be the smallest robot but he does not run away from a battle. His only grumble is that he gets stuck fighting with people who are closer to his size.

Jazz went with Optimus Prime to earth in the former film and he likes the place. But in the end he dies fearlessly. Now that transformers 2 is about to be released public is thinking if Jazz will be recreated and become visible in this film. Some admirers think that he will live as a robot of the past while others suppose that he will be reformed. As the robots can be recreated and if Megatron can re reconstructed then why not tiny Jazz.

The director and the authors may be trying to hurl curious fans off the track when they fire up a rumor about the return of Jazz. Some fans have even said that they have found a Pontiac Solstice on the sets of transformers 2. But there is no verification of Jazz returning in this film. There are new robots putting in their first emergence in the movie. But the secrecy of the return of Jazz remains undisclosed.

Jazz converts into a Pontiac Solstice and is the smallest as well as the garrulous Autobot. He is fearless and enters into fight with Megatron so that Bumblebee can get away. He gets thumped by the Decepticons fusion gun and is out of shape and gets murdered. We know all this from the first movie and if he does returns in transformers 2 that will be something that the fans will like.

Michael Bay says he disclosed wrong information concerning the arrival of Jazz in transformers 2. He says he did this to guide the fans off track. Well in the comic series Ratchet restructures Jazz by means of the last of the ‘All Spark’. At the moment the Pontiac Solstice returns is what we will be acquainted with on the movie premiere.

If Jazz does arrive in transformers 2 he is going to take part in a great part in it. He may end up getting killed in the last fight once more. If Jazz does not return then that will be the ending of Jazz. Who knows he may come back in a later sequel. Keep in mind there are passionate admirers who just love the transformers.

There are lots of Jazz fans out there who will feel like seeing Jazz coming back. He is there in the comic book series so why ending him up in the movies. Some admirers were fond of Jazz and some detested him for the way he chatted. But what on earth may be the attitude of the fans, Jazz was a genial Autobot according to most of the viewers.

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