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If you are someone who is familiar with football, then you surely memorized all the players’ position and roles per team.

But to discuss specifically what is the role of each player in the team, provided below are the positions that each guy plays in the NFL.

As we all know, there are two teams to consist a football game, both 11-man team called the offense and the defense team.

The team who has the possession of the ball is called the offense team. To score points, they have to get to the end zone by either running or passing the ball.

Quarterbacks. The QB is the one who generally leads the offense. He either hands the ball off to the running back or passes it to the receivers.

Center. He is the one who hikes the ball to the QB by passing the ball between his legs. He also bends over like the offensive linemen and the RBs.

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Wide Receivers. The WRs are positioned closer to the side of the field, but far outside the rest of the team. Their role is to run out of the defense, mainly the corner backs, who are trying to cover them to catch the ball passed by the QB.

Running Backs. When the offense decides to advance the ball by running it, thus the quarterback will hand the ball off to the running back. The RB needs to be a fast runner in able to gain as many yards as possible. When the game is a pass play, the RB stays in the backfield instead to help protect the QB.

Tight End. The TE is positioned off the QB’s side and is lined up a few yards away the line of scrimmage. He is allowed to catch a pass, but in short distances only. Tight Ends are usually bigger than the WRs since they don’t need to be that fast. Also their size is very much important to be able to pass the defense.

Offensive Linemen. The offensive linemen consist of the Left Guard, Right Guard, Left Tackle, and the Right Tackle. These huge guys are positioned on either side of the Center, which the primary goal is to keep the defensive line from either stopping the run or tackling their quarterback or running back.

Kickers/Punters. The job of the kicker is to kick extra points, as well as field goals. However, when a safety has been scored, the punter will then punt the ball on a free kick. Also, to be able to try a field goal, he needs to punt the ball to the forth down, that is if the offense wasn’t able to get a first down.

After discussing the players of the offensive team, let’s go now to the defensive team. The main goal of the defense is to stop or disrupt the offense so that they will lose the ball in their possession.

Linebackers. There are 2 linebackers for the defense. Their job is to tackle the running back. If there is a short pass play, the LBs also tries to break the pass or tackle the one who caught the ball.

Defensive Ends. The defensive ends lines up on the line of scrimmage and is opposite to the right or left end on the offense. Their role is to tackle or sack the quarterback, or tackle the running back.


Defensive Tackles. There are 2 defensive tackles for the defense. Their job is basically the same with the defensive end, although their main goal is to stop the running back.

Cornerbacks. The CB’s role is to keep the wide receivers from catching the ball thrown by the quarterback. The CB, together with the safety, defends from preventing the QB to pass the ball to the WR and work together to help stop the run.

Safeties. During a running play, the safety’s goal is to stop the run if it gets passed the defensive linemen and LBs. He also helps the linebacker to stop the run if he sees that the QB had passed the ball to either the running back or the tight end.

Nose Guard. The nose guard is positioned in front of the center. His main role is to block the center and to help the defensive tackles to stop the run.

So there are the different roles that each player plays in the game of football. Not just in football, but in any other game of sports, these players’ roles are all equally important, to be able to play the game right and in accordance to the rules.

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