Australian Outback Hats Define the Spirit of the Land Down Under American Cowboy hat and the Australian Outback hat share a similar history. This may be why the outback hat is often called the Australian version of the Cowboy hat. Earlier Australians experienced the need to protect themselves from the heat and rain, and so did American cowboys. It’s at this point that all similarities cease.

The Australian or ?Aussie? Outback hat is smaller in design and turned down in the front and back. It is also not as dramatically turned up on the sides. Aussie hats are made from fur felt, straw, canvas, leather, wool felt, kangaroo and sometimes mesh. As with American Cowboy hats, the Aussie Outback hats captures the life of the Australian in it’s design and use.

Nearly everyone in the Australian Outback will own more than one hat, with each having a different use in addition to the normal reason of covering the head in harsh climates. They are not only functional but have become a popular fashion statement for many people around the world.

Numerous styles of Australian Outback hats exist. This kind of hat is like the American Cowboy hat, only smaller. Akubra Hats are the original kind of Outback hat. The Keir family began manufacturing these hats in 1874, and they are still at it today. The higher quality hats are made of wild rabbit fur. The “snowy river” hat is the most popular Akubra hat. The name is from the movie “The Man from Snowy River.”

Barma-These hats are squashable, an Australian term for the ability to fold up the hat in a very small space only to have it spring back into shape. This is due to the particularly high quality of certain leathers that the manufacturers will only use in order to have a consistent product. Jacaru-One of the first manufacturers in Australia of the leather hat style. They also have a canvas style and both are very rugged and look even better as they age.

BC Hats-Named after the creator Bill Conner who began the first leather hat business with his steer hide hat. BC Hats also produces one of a kind hats with wire mesh in the brim in order to shape and hold shape better. The Stockman style is recognized the world over as a Aussie hat. Cork-This is the most stereotypical Australian hat. This hat features corks strung from the brim to keep away flying insects. It is believed that the swaying motion of the corks keeps insects from biting the wearer.

As you can see, the Australian Outback Hat has many versions and the best way to get the full effect of each hat is to go to to view each hat to see which one you would like to have. Who knows, you just may be the next Crocodile Dundee!

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Australian Outback Hats Define the Spirit of the Land Down Under 2
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