The Current Year's Shootout of Golf Club Drivers

As the golf game evolves, so do golf club manufacturers. These days, there are so many different companies making clubs and they all make many different models. How are people supposed to find the right ones?

Every company has their own technology which is different than others. Read more to find out about the popular club manufacturers.
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Cobra Golf may not be the most popular manufacturer out there but it makes a great driver called the Cobra S9-1. Having a street price of $300, it’s not the most expensive driver but it delivers real results. In fact, this driver won the Hot List 2009 gold award for drivers under $300.

Adams Golf is known for its hybrids but they also started to enter the arena of drivers in recent years. Their latest technology, the Adams Insight Tech A4 driver, has a street price of $370 and comes in loft 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5. It has a pretty traditional looking club head, and the curved shape is supposed to save weight.

Callaway Golf almost stands for forgiveness. They also pioneered the uniflex shaft used in its irons. The Callaway FT-IQ is its latest square shaped driver. If you can get pass the sound that it makes (and the shape), you will bomb it. The driver is amazingly straight even though your golf buddies might make fun of you for cheating.

Nike Golf catapulted into the golf scene with the endorsement of Tiger Woods. I’m sure they are hard at work and Tiger must love being able to test all the different options and help them in designing the golf clubs to golf balls.

Titleist was once the king of irons but they’ve lost a tad of prestige in recent years as other manufacturers have caught up with technology and fame. During the last year though, Titleist’s 90X series of drivers have again captured the hearts of many. In fact, the 909D2 is amongst the best drivers (as selected by Golf Digest in The Hot List 2009 gold award for drivers over $350).

Ping Golf’s 2009 value driver offering is the G10. With a street price of only $300, this driver has lofts from 7.5 up to as high as 13.5 degrees. The standard length is well over 45 inches and it might be too long for people to have good control.

Taylormade is the best marketing company in the golf industry and the burner series is another great example of this. The Taylormade Burner has become a popular series with this year’s Taylormade Burner 2009 Driver promising to be even better.

Cleveland used to be very closed to my old office, but they moved and create the Cleveland Launcher series. Years later, I still play the Launcher 460 Comp from a few years ago and it’s simply amazing. There’s no fitting system from Cleveland though which is a huge disappointment, considering that this is the hottest area in the golf industry right now.

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The Current Year's Shootout of Golf Club Drivers 2
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