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Music education is sadly neglected by many public schools these days compared to several decades ago when it was firmly entrenched in most elementary and middle school curriculum. Other subjects are considered more important areas of interest, like Math, science, Geography, English, or computers. Many parents opt for private music lessons for their children as the schools will not offer music, and it can be expensive paying for private lessons.

However, evidence suggests that children who are allowed to get at least a basic education in the arts, including music, have higher self-esteem, better memory, increased ability to express oneself, a greater ability to work with others and an understanding of teamwork, and even better academic performance. More than that, though, this type of “education” benefits adults, too, even if they don’t start until later in life. Music education is comprised of any musically related class or lesson.

Do you or your child want to take a class or private lessons with a teacher on your own? Oftentimes, elementary schools already have a music teacher who takes a class and teaches them the basics of music including music pitches, a little music history, and singing some new songs by reading notes. As the child keeps growing musically each year in school, they can decide if they want to take private or class lessons to explore music further.

The art of learning of music is educational, and it is also enjoyable for those inspired by it. A benefit could be that a student of any age will be able to learn more learning skills to apply in other subject areas. They may not even know that they are gifted, so it is a great way to discover hidden talents and the building of self-confidence.

Everyone has a unique learning style when it comes to music, so some may learn faster than others. It is still satisfying to learn an instrument or take voice lessons because you will notice progress in time. You mental process gets a good workout and it helps with reasoning and cognition with adults or young children.

When music students practice and develop the violin or piano skills, they begin with easy melodies and progress into more difficult ones, which subsequently leads to increased self confidence. As a result, they have a sense of achievement and pride in performing well. Learning music then helps build self confidence which leads to belief in oneself in life.

Music is an excellent medium for people to convey moods and thoughts through sound. Through the performing of instruments and the use of the voice, people can bring out the happiest or darkest emotions in an expressive manner. Bring music into one’s life is a wonderful way to amuse and bring joy to peoples’ lives in a home or at a performance gathering.

People who belong to groups that have a similar pursuits such as music will increase social life and decrease social isolation. Research shows that people who belong to groups or clubs have better physical and mental health which benefits a longer life span. When people work together they learn to get along and feel a better sense of well-being as they learn to achieve goals.

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