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Scuba diving is a fun and exciting activity that can give you memorable undersea moments that may last for that session alone. There may be some instances where you might have seen something so spectacular that you wish you took a good shot of it. Of course, many divers don’t think about taking a camera underwater because normal cameras arent waterproof and digital underwater cameras are too expensive.

Well, all hope isn’t lost because there is a better solution than spending high on a camera solely dedicated for underwater action. You can consider getting the Canon PowerShot G10 along with the Canon WP-DC28 Waterproof Case. Now you might do some calculations and see that the total cost of both items totals that of an underwater camera, but lets not forget that these are two separate items. The Canon PowerShot G10 is a feature-rich camera that has tons of roles on land and under the sea saving you the need of buying 2 cameras. Here you learn some things you should really look for in an underwater camera along with the Canon G10 review and its waterproof case.

The Importance of Megapixels

Many scuba divers enjoy photo enlargements or even setting up a slide show on big screens. This helps bring out the reality of what was experienced under water. But, to do this all cameras must have a high resolution function. The Powershot g10 has a 15megapixel resolution function which is more than enough to print or display a high quality detailed picture. Excess megapixel isn’t the only function that people look for however it remains to be the most important aspect of a camera when it comes to picture quality. When it comes to quality the Canon g10 is a camera is has the capacity to deliver whatever the occasion.

No Need to Worry Underwater

Several brands of underwater casing fail miserably when divers see their cameras no longer functioning. But a properly set up Canon WP-DC28 can turn the G10 into a Canon underwater camera. The G10 already comes with special settings for underwater use. All you need to do is perform the basic maintenance procedures and you’ll have no worries when you take it underwater.

Taking Video Underwater

The g10 has smooths 30ftps VGA movie support function if you are ever wanted to to video record some sea life footage.

Technological Breakthrough

The Canon G10 is in a class of its own when it comes to technological features. With its powerful DIGIC (Digital Imaging Core) image processor it handles all the algorithms that produces its detail and accurate colors. When taking photo in much darker areas than normal you will need a finer detail photo feature. The i-contrast in built in the g10 is the perfect solution to photos taken in the much darker regions.As we all know environmental lighting can vary however the canon G10 can adjust to that.

A Strong Performer In both Water and On Land

The Canon G10 is really a hardcore digital camera for professionals. Just because you’ll have that case doesn’t mean that its a digital underwater camera for life. Once you’re done with your long dive, you can take your camera out of the case and enjoy some fine beach shots. With the G10 and its 26 shooting modes along with your underwater casing, you are ready for absolutely any situation whether it is on land or deep in the ocean.

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