NASCAR: Humble Beginnings

NASCAR LogoThe National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), was conceived on a bar room napkin. The bar to which the napkin belonged was known as the Ebony Bar, which was located at the Streamline Hotel in Daytona Beach. The conversation from which the napkin gained import was held in 1948 by both drivers and promoters of local stock car races. It’s reported that stock car races began as early as the 1900’s in the Daytona Beach area. The meeting, and the napkin, might never have come to be had a mechanic named William France, Sr. not have moved to the Daytona area from Washington, D.C. in 1935. By 1936, he, too, had been captured by the sport, and even managed to finish fifth in a local race. Mr. France was moved to participate in such a meeting after his stint in racing for two reasons: a) he believed the sport had a potential for a following, and b) he believed the drivers were being mistreated by unregulated promoters who simply chose not to pay them.

From its less than auspicious beginnings in 1948, NASCAR has grown considerably. It is currently known all over the world. It is broadcast in over 150 countries, and has held exhibition races in both Australia and Japan. NASCAR has also expanded the type of racing its offers its fans, who can still choose to see the Sprint Cup, the Nationwide Series, or the Craftsmen Travel Cup Series all from the same ticket. Further, NASCAR allows for regional competition in every city and with every ticket, the fans can also watch the regional fun, such as the Whelen All-American Series (amateur auto racing), the Whelen Modified Tour (Nascar modified division); the NASCAR local racing (four geographic series).


NASCAR’s popularity has driven itself quite literally around the world. This sport is currently broadcast in over 150 countries and has held exhibition races in both Australia and Japan. Based on popularity, and in large part on its estimated three billion dollar product and ticket sales, NASCAR has parked itself in the number two spot for most popular sports watched on TV – second only to the National Football League. It would seem, however, that there is no place quite like home. NASCAR has several offices in North Carolina, and two international cities, but nothing at all like you might expect from such a profitable and popular sport. Despite its profits, and its popularity, NASCAR’s roots remain right where they were first planted – in Daytona Beach, Florida.


NASCAR knows why it is what it is: the fans. The fans even know why NASCAR it what it is: THE FANS! It’s why a race must be seen at the track: THE FANS! They’re loud, they’re proud, and they make NASCAR what it is.

The always have, and always will, make NASCAR the one and only experience of its kind. A NASCAR fan will have goose bumps on a 90 degree day, and wouldn’t let a tornado warning keep her from her race. She’s got her tickets, waited all season to get ’em, and now it’s her turn.

You call yourself a NASCAR fan – so where’s your ticket? The season starts on February 12, 2009 at Daytona Beach, and the tickets are going fast. If you’re truly a fan, then you’d better buy your ticket now. Be where the sport itself started, when the season starts. Don’t be the only one sitting at home.

If you don’t, the other fans will, and before you know it, the tickets will be gone. Then, where will you be? Get your tickets for Daytona Beach on the 12th – NASCAR, where it was meant to be watched, whichever series you like: Sprint Cup, Nationwide, or Craftsmen Truck.

So you’d better hurry, before you miss your chance to be where the rest of the REAL fans are – at Daytona Beach on February 12th. Be a REAL fan, and watch the race the only REAL way! Buy a ticket, and buy it NOW! Be ready to have REAL fun!

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NASCAR: Humble Beginnings 2
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