Caribbean Diving – The Treasure of the Isles

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The islands of the Caribbean are famed for its many diving experiences. Its reefs offer marvelous sceneries like wrecks, gorgeous plant life and amazing wildlife. Each island in the Caribbean features its own unique diving spots and location that would take a lifetime to fully explore. Caribbean diving is an exciting and rewarding experience that will give any diver a variety of wonders and challenges. The world offers many countries and islands to visit. Notable ones, that should be on the top of your list are Curacao and Bonaire.

Caribbean Diving – Curacao

Many of Curacao’s beautiful beaches are secluded while others are home to beach front resorts that offer swell holidays. Famous for diving, Curacao is has extensive coral reefs and many of its beach resorts cater exclusively to divers. Some of the best diving opportunities come from Westpunt, a prime spot for Caribbean scuba diving.

Lava rock forms the foundation of the reef and has hosted the coral for many years. There is a diving spot known as the underwater garden of beautiful reeds that has marvelous sites and massive formations that extend into the dark depths of the oceans. These reefs sustain a variety of biological life that synergise to produce a vibrant dive experience.

The southern coast of Curacao has over 60 named diving spots, able to accommodate for divers of all skill levels, with over 40 dive sites equipped with chains. It offers an unforgettable experience that is unique for diving. Curacao is known as a must visit location amongst divers.

Bonaire Diving and Scuba ” Experience one of the best in Caribbean diving

Bonaire has been included among the premier Caribbean diving locations for seven years in a row. Once divers hit the water, they will be awestruck by the breathtaking vastness of aquatic life. Bonaire is in fact home to eight of the top ten locations with the largest variety of species. These locations are Bari Reef in Den Laman, the top location for species density, along with Red Slave, Toris Reef, Front Porch, The Invisibles, Something Special, Green Submarine and Karpata, which is all directly offshore.

Further to this, Rodales Readers Choice Award for top shore diving destination has been awarded to Bonaire for 15 years running. In terms of shore diving, Bonaire also hosts a variety of boat diving operations that service excellent locations.

Dive Caribbean ” An experience of a Lifetime

All in all the Caribbean offers a variety of sites when it comes to diving. Countless adventures and awesome sceneries for divers of all levels of experience. Bonaire and Curacao offer unique experiences, and if you are to choose any locations in the Caribbean to experience diving, Curacao and Bonaire should top your list.

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