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Do you know how to play disc golf or Frisbee Golf? Well, the game is a lot like the regular golf game but there aren’t any golf balls or clubs used. Disc golf uses a specially designed Frisbee. The primary objective of the game is to get the Frisbee into various baskets with as few throws as you can.

The most dependable spot to look for a disc course is on the net. With a quick search on-line, you will be able to find out the closest Disc Golf location in your region. The fields of play usually feature 18 baskets and a single game can eat up a few hours. If you’re a beginner, try searching for a disc golf course which only has a couple of baskets so that you can practice. Keep in mind though that all Frisbee golf courses aren’t made equal. Obstacles are placed in between the hole and the teeing ground which can include drop-offs, water, trees, tall grass, etc; that’s why it is really critical to choose the proper Frisbee golf course. If you can find some other disc golfers in your locale, you can seek guidance from them.

So why should you play Frisbee Golf? There are some benefits to playing Frisbee Golf like:

1. Disc golf is a great form of physical exercise. In a single round, you can expend a couple of hours walking. You can even skip or jog while recovering the Disc. This will definitely burn off some calories. Most disc golf players are not even aware that they are already getting enough exercise to maintain a physically fit body.

2. You can run across new friends and other individuals who bear the same interests. Coming Across new individuals and interchanging friendly conversation is a worthwhile experience.

3. Unlike the regular golf game, you can start playing this game with very little cost because all you need to buy is a Frisbee golf disc. IIf you’ve got tem bucks you’ve got enough money to be able to play frisbee golf. Some frisbee golf players tend to accumulate discs. As you get better in playing disc golf, you can set about buying other accessories like bags and more discs.

When playing on the Frisbee golf courses, you have to observe proper etiquette. If you have trash, pick them up and throw them in the trash can. Don’t litter on the courses. Don’t hold up traffic. If their are better players behind you waiting let them play through so they don’t have to spend their time waiting on your team.. Always be aware of safety. If your disc is about to hit another player, you can yell at them so that they can avoid being hit by the disc.

As you advance, you will be able to obtain other equipment like frisbee putters, fairway drivers, and numerous others. But you can start playing with just one disc and that’s the best thing about Frisbee golf. Novices can also take advantage of the ‘set discs’ dealt in sports stores because the sets are rather inexpensive.

Play Frisbee golf now even if you only have one golf disc. You will surely have fun. Go out an find yourself a frisbee golf course straightaway and start gaining some new friends out of frisbee golf enthusiasts.

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