George Foreman [flashback]

George Foreman

His amateur career came to a close with an amazing record of 27-0. He turned professional in 1969, winning 12 fights that year with 11 of them won by knockout. He continued his quest towards claiming the undisputed heavyweight title during 1970 when he won every one of his twelve fights that year. Again, eleven of his victories were by knockout. Throughout 1971, George Foreman claimed seven more victories. By this time, he had amassed an impressive 32-0 record and was considered the number one challenger by both the WBC and the WBA. Foreman continued his string of victories adding five more victories in 1972. Each of these victories was won within three rounds.

He achieved an astounding record of 27-0 in his amateur career before turning professional in 1969. In his first year as a professional boxer, he won 12 fights, 11 of which were by knockout. He continued his quest for an undisputed heavyweight title in 1970 after winning all twelve of his fights that year. Just like the prior year, 11 of those victories were by knockout. During 1971, George Foreman earned seven more victories and had attained an astonishing 32-0 record. The WBC and WBA both considered him the number one challenger. Foreman continued his winning streak with an additional five victories in 1972. All of these victories were won in three rounds.

Foreman retained his heavyweight title until 1974 when he defended his title against Mohamed Ali, the former champion. This bout was known as “The Rumble in the Jungle” and was fought in Zaire. This was Foremans first defeat in his professional boxing career. After this defeat, Foreman remained inactive throughout 1975.

Foreman kept his heavyweight title until his bout with former heavyweight champion Mohamed Ali in 1974. This bout was dubbed the Rumble in the Jungle and took place in the African country of Zaire. Ali defeated Foreman for the first time in Foremans professional career. Foreman was inactive for the rest of 1975 after this crushing defeat.

Foreman returned to boxing with a comeback in 1976. He continued until 1977 when he experienced what seemed to be a near death experience. After losing to Jimmy Young in a difficult 12 round decision in Puerto Rico, he began to feel sick in his dressing room. He was terrified by this sudden illness, and asked God for help. Foreman says God asked him to change his life, prompting Foreman to become a born again Christian. After dedicating his life to Christianity, Foreman remarked that Jimmy Young quite literally beat the devil out of him.

Foreman stopped boxing, even though he never formally retired. He became a church minister, devoting his life to the care of his family and his church members. A youth center bearing Foremans name was opened, and Foreman continues to actively testify about his conversion experience.

Foreman has a large family of ten kids, including five girls and five boys. All five of his sons are named George. They are, of course, George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, and George VI.

In 1994, Foreman regained the heavyweight title when he challenged Michael Moorer on November 5 in Las Vegas. With this victory he broke two records; the oldest fighter to ever win the world heavyweight title as well as breaking the record of the longest interval between championships. He continued boxing until his second retirement in 1999.

Foreman went on to break two boxing records when he regained the heavyweight title after successfully challenging Michael Moorer in Las Vegas on November 5, 1994. He not only became the oldest boxer to win the world heavyweight title; he also broke the record for longest interval between championship wins. He kept boxing until his second retirement in 1999.

His other business ventures include doing commercials for Meineke Mufflers and promotion of his George Foreman Grill. He also began marketing his own brand of Big and Tall clothing through Casual Male in 2004.

Other notable business ventures include commercial appearances for Meineke Mufflers, and promoting his ubiquitous George Foreman Grill. In 2004, he added his own line of Big and Tall clothes through Casual Male.

He has also published four books; all related to his life experiences. These books are sure to be interesting reading considering the interesting life George Foreman has led thus far.

Foreman has published four books, all of which talk about his life experiences. Given the storied life Foreman has lived so far, these books are sure to be interesting reading.

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