Writing Attractive Profile for Men: Text, Photo, Enticement

Part 1: Lifetime relationship (seeking a wife)

Photo. Half-naked body on a beach or dressed-up dude behind computer in office would not be the best choice for your personal profile. The best idea of a photo for profile with a serious intent will be one taken in a quiet, homey environment, in armchair, with a cat on your lap. You’ve got no cat? Its just to give you an idea. Note: a picture with your past girlfriend will not be a good substitute for a cat. Borrow the animal, or just center the picture at your relaxed, smiling face, that will do it as well.

Your text. It is not a good idea to write something like: I am tired from all work and no play, I need you! or, just plain Hey girls, I am here! Don’t take me literally, please, all I want to say is that telling her that you are tired workaholic (or tired womanizer) and that is why you are here, will not do any good. Better is to give her brief and to the point description of your main character features, your interests in life and plans. Leave the rest for future chats.

Temptation. This depends on what kind of woman you are looking for. Tune her on your wavelength with such phrases, for example, as I will take you, my love, to Paris, and we will spend a week at Louvre. Or, My dream is to awake every morning and hear cheerful giggling of our children. Or, one more: I cant imagine my life without mountain trail and a backpack. These points are needed to give woman an idea on what will be her life with you. If you are seeking a music lover, do not write modestly I love music. Better write something like: I have got blown away by the recent concert of Santana, or Requiem of Mozart makes me cry.

Part 2: A brief romance (just some good time)

Your photo The purpose of your profile is to tell her that you are kind, fun-loving and joy-spreading person, that you will not load her with your problems and all that she will get from you is one or two weeks of a good time. Every picture confirming this statement will work for you. Any combination of you and a symbol of good time, such as you leaning on a limo, driving red Viper, straddling glittering chopper, getting tan on Ipanema beach, opening bottle of Dom Perignon, etc., or just giving your best smile to everyone, will suffice.

Words You are not looking for a wife, so she should not hear about the depths of your personal life. However, by all means you should not tell her that you are merely seeking a partner for intimacy. She would not like that. Women tend to seek some degree of real emotion in any relationship, even in a very short-lived one, where men could see nothing, but mere a physical thing.

Temptation You can promise nice evenings at a sunset and coffee in bed in the morning. Keep in mind that woman will forgive you the fact that you needed her as a friend without long-term pledges, as long, as you will conduct yourself like a knight. This will be much better than promising her “golden mountains in the valley of love” and leaving her after first night, dropping coldly “I will call you”.

Good luck.

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Writing Attractive Profile for Men: Text, Photo, Enticement 2
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