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Eleanor Rigby

Who was the person the Beatles sang about who died in the church and was buried, and nobody came? was certainly not one of the Beatles more happier songs, and a bit out of keeping with what we had come to expect at that time.

So, who was Eleanor Rigby, and was she a real person or was she just a figment of the imagination, something like lovely Rita, meter maid?

Well now, as a matter of good fortune I recently had the chance to play a few gigs in Liverpool, and during my free time I decided to see just what I could find out about Eleanor Rigby.

So, I popped along to the local library, did a little bit of research, and then headed for the part of Liverpool known as Woolton.

A visit to the local church will take you through the church graveyard, and there one of the tombstones or headstones caught my eye.

Yes, you guessed it, the tombstone had the inscription Eleanor Rigby.

So, having found this fascinating tombstone I then wondered if any of the Beatles might possibly have lived nearby. And guess what, John Lennon used to live as a child in Menlove Avenue, which is quite close to the church.

So I reflected for a moment about when I was a young boy. Odd as it might seem, one of the things that I and my friends used to do is to play games in our local churchyard, untill we were chased away.

With this in mind it is not stretching things too far to assume that as a child John Lennon possibly also played in his local churchyard, and would have noticed the tombstone dedicated to Eleanor.

Time however became my enemy here because I had to move on from Liverpool before being able to search any deeper into this.

But I plan to spend more time in the near future finding out all that I can about Eleanor Rigby, and the other people who share her tombstone.The Eleanor Rigby statue

If you would like to be kept posted on this, and kept up to date with my research, then please click on the following link at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to another page and near the bottom you will find my email address. Just send me a note saying keep me informed or something like that, and I will email you whenever I have found out some fresh information.

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