Mr. President Newspaper on eBay

The election of Barack Obama has given the newspaper industry a bit of a boost.

Papers in major cities sold briskly on November 5. One of the papers in Obama’s home town, The Chicago Sun-Times is particularly proud of their cover from that day. Not only did it sell 700,000 copies making it the paper’s best -selling issue in their 60-year history but Oprah held up a copy of the Sun-Times on her show and said it was the best cover worldwide.

Now The Sun-Times is offering 44 limited edition prints of the cover on eBay as a limited edition high-gloss giclee print. The high-gloss print is hand-made by Printmakers Chicago and signed for authenticity.

“With the newspaper, the value is to the individual because it’s part of history,” said Willie Wilkov, senior director of promotions and marketing for the Chicago Sun-Times News Group. “But the print is a super-premium item with a finite number, so its long-term value is going to be higher.”

Only 44 prints will be made available to the public for purchase to commemorate the election of Barack Obama as the nation’s 44th president.

  • Nos. 2-15 are available for auction on eBay now
  • Nos. 16-29 will be available on eBay Nov. 25.
  • Nos. 30-43 will be available Dec. 2.
  • Numbers 1 and 44, which Wilkov expects to be the most popular prints, will be available Dec. 9.Bidding for the prints starts at $350, and the auctions last for five days.
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