Starbucks stores that "may" be closing

We’re all aware that Starbucks has announced the closure of atleast 600 of their U.S. stores between now and March in an effort to help boost profits.

A list of the first 50 closures will become public in mid-July, CEO Howard Schultz told employees in a memo Tuesday evening. Further closures will be announced each month after employees receive 30-day closing notices. Schultz says Starbucks wants to inform workers about the closures in person; company insiders say Starbucks is not releasing the full list because it is still working to modify and cancel some real estate contracts. Meanwhile, Starbucks employees are telling people about closures unofficially. This map marks locations where baristas, customers and others are hearing the closures will happen.

Here is a Google Map that has been setup to track the rumored store closures and the actuals when they’re announced.

View Larger Map

[via The Seattle Times]

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