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Hands On: PhotoFast iOS Card Reader CR8800

Over the past couple weeks we’ve taken a look at the CR8800 which is a small, lighting connected micro SD card reader/writer by PhotoFast.  To test it out, we also had to download and install the companion software i-FlashDrive One (a free download using qr code on back of packaging).  The device we reviewed came with a 16gb card and …

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YouTube vs Television – Is There Still Room For Both in 2014?

YouTube has undoubtedly been the unmitigated internet success stories of the past decade; to the extent that many industry experts are predicting it might even overtake traditional television as the primary platform from which we consume the lion’s share of our entertainment, education and information. In fact, amongst 18-24 year olds its estimated that is already the case, with the average young adult American estimated …

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A Cool and Affordable Netbook

For people looking to purchase a new tablet PC, it has become a confusing task finding the right one that meets their needs and their budgets at the same time. This is primarily because of the many options available these days. The situation is even worse for a not so disciplined shopper. You could invest a lot of money into …

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Hands On: Givit

Hands On: Givit (via THE Tech Scoop) Today we take a look at the iOS video editor called Givit version 3.0.4.  I was immediately pleased that although Facebook sharing is included, I was not forced to use my Facebook log in to create a Givit account.  So, immediately I was very pleased with that.  The sign up process was very…  

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