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Together as One: Team USA at the White House


Hear from Olympians and Paralympians as President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama host the 2012 United States Olympic and Paralympic teams at the White House. We here at INFOtainment News have a particular affinity to this London Games Team USA as we were able to interview and get to know a few of them personally. Congratulations Team!

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White House Releases Updated Mobile App

Stay on top of all the latest news, photos and videos coming out of the White House. This Obama Presidency has been incredibly good at providing access to not only the First Family, but also access to up-to-date information. I guess that makes Obama the first #SocialPresident ? With the latest update to the mobile app you get: Breaking alerts …

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The Google Art Project at the White House


Members of the Google Art Project and the Google Street View team recently went to the White House to create a new way for people to tour the White House. Take a look at some of the behind-the-scenes activities showing the process that went into creating a 360 degree virtual walk through of the White House public tour. Judging from …

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Come Hangout With President Obama

Google Inc. announced Monday that President Obama will participate in a 45-minute live video Hangout on Google Plus. The chat will take place Monday afternoon, Jan. 30, capping a week of social media engagement the White House is planning around the State of the Union speech. Obama speaks to Congress and the nation on Tuesday. Google Plus will solicit questions …

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1985 Chicago Bears FINALLY Make It To Washington


To say this has been a long time coming would be an incredible understatement. This afternoon, President Obama welcomed the 1985 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears to the White House. Most of you may recall (depending on how old you are…that their initial visit was cancelled 25 years ago due to the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy and just has not …

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The Texas President Recipe


Step 1: Nearly flunk of of college Step 2: Become Governor of the largest state Step 3: Run for President Texas seems to be sticking to this recipe after it’s success in the 2000 presidential contest. This time another good ‘ole boy from Texas has his eyes set on the White House. However his grades in college leave me wondering …

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Mr. Wilson Goes to Washington

WIlson Spandex Tux

On Monday, July 25th the World Champion San Francisco Giants have been invited to visit the White House.  During the visit they will be greeted by the President for a photo opportunity and a tour of the White House.  Traditionally, Presidents invite championship teams for a meet and greet each year. The Giants expected to be invited during their road …

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Pelosi Answers Healthcare Questions

I am interested in the healthcare debate and I am excited that many folks from both sides of the aisle got together yesterday for that Healthcare Summit over at Blair House in Washington, D.C. But, the real reason I’m posting this story to THE Tech Scoop is because of the fantastic product placement of the aluminum Powerbook in this video …

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Dalai Lama Leaves White House Through Back Door


The Tibetan spiritual leader met with President Obama yesterday at the White House, much to the dismay and dissatisfaction of the Chinese government. China protested President Barack Obama‘s meeting with the Dalai Lama, saying Washington had interfered in Chinese domestic affairs and demanding that the U.S. take steps to improve relations. Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai summoned U.S. ambassador to …

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State Dinner Crashers Deny Any Wrongdoing

WASHINGTON (AP) — The couple that got into the White House state dinner for the visiting Indian prime minister without showing invitations denied Tuesday that they were gatecrashers. Appearing on a nationally broadcast morning news show with his wife, Tareq Salahi said the furor surrounding his and his wife Michaele’s attendance at the dinner a week ago has been a …

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