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April 16, 2013

Best Ways To Contact A Long Lost Relative

Mormon Genealogy Beliefs (Photo credit: More Good Foundation)

Tracking down a lost relative used to require a large investment of your time and effort. But now, thanks to the internet almost anyone with some spare time and a computer can track down their long lost relatives for free or next to nothing.


Start by trying to gather as much information as possible on your lost relative’s demographics including age, appearance, interests, previous homes and so on. These will provide you with great indicators and clues for when you start your search! Even obscure information that you may deem irrelevant at the time may turn out to be [...]

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August 3, 2010

Updates to IntenseDebate Comment System

Image via CrunchBase

All you website owners out there using IntenseDebate as your comment system now have another arrow in your quiver (I’ve always wanted to say that…)

On the IntensDebate blog, they announced today the release of a new setting for reported comments – you know, the comments that your readers flag as inappropriate – you can now opt to have those comments automatically put into moderation for review. This is yet another way to keep your comments clean and free from crazy spammers.

Per their post, to enable this option, visit the Comments Settings, and check the box next to Send comments to moderation when reported (located [...]

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February 3, 2010

A Perfect Website Design: How to attract visitors?

Unfortunately, your website is not going to be visited because it is a beautiful work of art, but rather because it is accurately returned in searches by one or more search engines. Attracting visitors to your site relies not only on design, but also search engine optimization(SEO services).

Design and SEO go hand in hand The most common, and expensive mistake that a company can make is to design their website and then later consider optimizing it for search engines. Many aspects of SEO require the adaption of design elements. It is therefore recommended to bring an SEO expert in at the start of the design process. These two equally important fundamentals of a [...]

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February 1, 2010

How To Blog For Bucks

Millions of people have already succumbed to the irresistible lure of an online web log (aka, a blog). Chances are, you are one of them, those people commonly referred to as “bloggers.” But would it surprise you to learn that in addition to posting online entries on virtually any subject you can imagine, you can also earn a little money for your missives?

It’s true! You can get paid to blog. You won’t ever make enough money from your blogging to quit your day job or pay for a fancy sports car or dream vacation-but if you’re already sharing your written thoughts, ideas and inspirations for free, why not get paid to blog instead? And if you [...]

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