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Microsoft's Milo: A Virtual 4-Year-Old Boy

Think of Milo as a real child in a virtual world. In Microsoft's words, he's "the world's first real virtual character who is convincing enough to be considered human." Video after the break. The player's voice commands and physical movements are...
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The Mario Game

Nearly all gamers have heard of the Mario game, you know the one that Nintendo released in arcades during 1983. Well, here's 13 things you may not have known about the famous plumber. Did you know that the original game was intended to only be a ...
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New Xbox 360 Unboxing, Hands-On

You've seen the new Xbox 360 slim specifications, now check out the official unboxing and a quick hands-on video, courtesy of Sean Hollister (Engadget). You can sign-up here with Amazon, to be notified when it's available for pre-order ($300). Vi...

DJ Hero 2

In the worlds of Newcleus and Jam On It, "...with two turntables and a wiggle mic, I learned to rock like Dolymite..." That line from the hook of...
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PlayStation 3 Development Process

It has been long since the first gaming console was introduced and through the years, several gaming consoles had been designed to cater the gamer's interests. Some of them are Super Famicon, Sega Console, Gameboy, PS1 which have perked up the interests of many people. And now, the introduction of one of the latest gadgets in the gaming industry just made quite a great impact in the whole planet.