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Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer = #Gangsta


I love seeing Arnold Palmer and Lee Travino join forces to market Tiger’s latest edition of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 video game. Uncle Arnie’s got some good moves You can get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 at for $59.99 at GameStop for Xbox and Playstation 3. Video via | EA Sports » Inline Ad Purchase:  Intext Link

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Hands On: Usagi Yojimbo app


When I saw the announcement for Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin, I was pretty stoked. As a comic fan, when I see some of my favorites make it to the video game screen, I really like to see that the game has to offer. I jumped on this one as soon as I saw it. This game is made …

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Kickstarter Video Game Console Project – OUYA- Gets Firehosed with Funding

OUYA, now available for pre-order, takes direct aim at the closed source, overly expensive console market and aims to make an affordable Android based open solution for the masses. The Kickstarter Campaign launched July 10, 2012 with a somewhat lofty goal of $950,00 – The project closed August 9, 2012 after raising $8,596,475.  That’s about 905% (yes ninehundred and five …

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Hulu Social Viewing

It’s been a few months since I logged into Hulu. Finally did today as I was wanting to watch something funny, had Family Guy on my mind for some reason… Anyways, I found it interesting and well put together how Hulu has integrated the social sharing/viewing aspect. I’m still not ready to upgrade to a Hulu Plus account, but I …

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Warner Bros. and Sony Announce Mortal Kombat Character Exclusively on PS3

Great news for videogame players and fans of the Mortal Kombat game… Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC recently announced that Mortal Kombat, the award-winning fighting game created by NetherRealm Studios, will add Kratos, from the multi-million unit-selling God of War franchise, as a new warrior to their line-up exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Kratos will …

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One Stop Shop For Gamers

In what is being deemed a revolutionary move, GameMine is introducing the ‘buy, sell and trade’ video game market found at major “brick and mortar” retailers at an online alternative hosted on its new website, www.gamemine.com. Registration is now FREE, providing access to all features on the website including, game information, purchasing, preordering, renting, and trading towards purchase or for …

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PS3 System Update Available

Update: Just like that – 3.42 is now available and it’s a mandatory update if you want to continue to use the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Store. None of the cool functionality is in this update, as was in 3.41 (as described below). This latest update seems to target specifically a “hardware security issue”, per the folks out of Sony …

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Best Buy Video Game Trade-in Program

Gaming enthusiasts nationwide now have more reasons to shop Best Buy as their gaming destination. Launching in close to 600 Best Buy stores this week, with additional stores to soon follow, the new Best Buy Trade-In program offers customers an opportunity to sell pre-owned video games. To celebrate the new offering, customers who trade in their games beginning this Sunday, …

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NBA 2K11

Developer Visual Concepts has released a new trailer for NBA2K11, the first 2K game to feature Michael Jordan. Developed by Visual Concepts, and published by 2K games, the game will feature all the traditional basketball modes you would expect, including quick play, online games and the ability to design your own player and guide him through the D-Leagues to the …

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Hooked On StarCraft II In South Korea

In high-tech South Korea — which has one of the highest broadband penetration rates in the world — the StarCraft video game series has spawned devotion more akin to professional sports teams. Indeed, video game players there can get lucractive contracts from professional teams with corporate sponsorships. Games of large tournaments are broadcast live on television in South Korea. The …

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Are Gamers Ready To Kinect?

The joystick. For many years since the dawn of gaming in arcades the joystick had been the primary mode of input for most if not all gaming. Even devolving into game pads and such during the NES and Sega Genesis days it was still really a mode of inputting things in a analog source. This year that’s all going to …

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The Mario Game

Nearly all gamers have heard of the Mario game, you know the one that Nintendo released in arcades during 1983. Well, here's 13 things you may not have known about the famous plumber. Did you know that the original game was intended to only be a ...

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DJ Hero 2

In the worlds of Newcleus and Jam On It, “…with two turntables and a wiggle mic, I learned to rock like Dolymite…” That line from the hook of Jam On It sums up precisely what DJ Hero 2 is all about. I had DJ Hero literally day 1 when it became available originally and I have absolutely loved flashing back …

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Google Honors Pac-Man on Anniversary

It’s official – I’m old! How can we be celebrating 30 years of Pac-Man? Seems like only yesterday we were playing the game, chasing ghosts and eating fruit. Well it’s true, and to celebrate the anniversary, Google, in the midst of a week of major announcements from their Google I/O conference, is honoring us lovers of the old school with …

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Do Wii Lovers Have Something To Look Forward To In 2010

A revolutionary games console design, Nintendo Wii console, their successor to the Game Cube was originally conceived in 2001 and was unveiled in 2005. The Wii, originally dubbed the Revolution has gone from strength to strength, becoming more popular than any of its competitors and still tops worldwide sales charts in 2010. Conceived as a games console for everyone, the …

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Portable gaming devices: Which one to get?

People sometimes love to take their games with them and while there are portable systems like the Nintendo DS or the Playstation Portable we are not talking about those today. Today we are going to talk about three devices you may not have even heard about. These devices are handheld, have removable storage as well as some internal storage and …

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Ten PC Games that are free to play online

With the rising cost of games during a recession like this most people have been cutting back on entertainment because it is very expensive. But people fail to realize if you have a good computer and a fast internet connection there are games that are out there that cost nothing to play! So what’s the catch? The games will either …

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