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April 18, 2013

The Financial Reality Behind Gaming Development [Infographic]

It’s no secret that many video games these days more closely resemble big budget movies. A far cry from the days of Donkey Kong ($100,000 in development costs), it’s not uncommon to see video games with production budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Much of that money, as you will see in this infographic from ProfitBricks, goes to Design / Art, Engineering / Programming and Retail. The money for many of the big (or small) budget games can come from a variety of sources, including the government, a major publisher, or even from “the crowd,” individuals who support the project and want to donate money to its cause. Each of these methods has its own risks / [...]

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March 26, 2013

Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer = #Gangsta

I love seeing Arnold Palmer and Lee Travino join forces to market Tiger’s latest edition of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 video game.

Uncle Arnie’s got some good moves

You can get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 at for $59.99 at GameStop for Xbox and Playstation 3.

Video via | EA Sports

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March 1, 2013

Hands On: Usagi Yojimbo app

When I saw the announcement for Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin, I was pretty stoked. As a comic fan, when I see some of my favorites make it to the video game screen, I really like to see that the game has to offer. I jumped on this one as soon as I saw it.

This game is made by Happy Giant, LLC and the folks over there seem very cool.  Their other game in the App Store is Dolphin Paradise which is a 3D game but I haven’t played that one.  So, I really did not have any expectation as to the game play for this new title.  I’ve played through the first 3 levels (of 13) on both my iPad and iPhone to try to get a good feel for how the game works on both platforms.

You [...]

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November 21, 2012

App Reviews – 2 “Wreck-It Ralph” Related iOS Apps

For the following reviews, I consulted 3 special advisers.  They have been playing video games for over half their lives and have a lot experience with iOS applications.  They are also in what I would assume to be part of the target demographic for Wreck-It Ralph, although perhaps a little young.  These are 3 of my children who are 7,7 and 5 years old.  We took a look at these games together and they assisted me with the ratings that follow.

Disclaimer: We have not yet seen the movie, so this review is independent of any feelings about the movie itself.  The good news is we’re still interested in seeing the movie after having played these games together.  The story looks like [...]

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