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Facebook Launches Interest Lists

Facebook Launches Interest Lists (via redOrbit) The social networking giant Facebook announced a new feature on Thursday called “Interest Lists.” Interest lists allow users to view updates from collections of pages and public figures in a dedicated news feed. Users will also have the ability to suggest these lists to their friends. This new… Facebook, new feature, page, Facebook page, …

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How to Get a Pinterest Invite on Twitter

Personally, I do not really join every social media outlet available. I only have a Facebook account and I haven’t followed Twitter. I only use social media sites for my websites but for creating my own individual account, I think twice. Pinterest is a bit different. It allows you to bookmark websites in a very visually attractive way. You “pin” …

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Twitter Friend Map [infographic]

We love our infographics here at THE Tech Scoop. We really enjoy interactive ones. I’ll put this new Twitter Friend Map interactive infographic right up there with the popular Rackspace data center infographic we posted previously. How to use: Follow the link here, authenticate with your Twitter ID, and shortly the map will begin populating with avatars of where your …

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Twitter revamps to connect the world

Twitter revamps to connect the world (via AFP) Twitter,twitter co-founder jack,advertising revenue,Twitter chief executive,new twitter design,Twitter symbols,Twitter chatter,Twitter overhaul,San Francisco headquarters,tweet,new age urls,fewer places,advertising billboards,self-service advertising,message-sharing service,global revenue,navigation tools,style ads,navigation features,text messages,user testing,Dick Costolo,web addresses,140 characters,common culture,rich canvas,profile pages,new timeline,simpler,unveiling,crafted,rolling,tweeting,brands,planet,market

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Curation: A Definite Shift in the Way We Report

What’s the statistic on the number of blogs that are in the blogosphere? Who knows, whatever the extimate is that number is old news in 24 hours anyway since so many individuals and groups are spinning up sites all the time. The means by which we digital publishers keep up with the constant, and never-slowing stream of information to report …

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My Love/Hate Relationship With HootSuite

Social media manager, new media specialist, or maybe social strategist – whatever the perceived title may be, that’s one of the roles I put on my business card. Essentially the goal I have is to assist businesses and individuals to more effectively utilize the Social InterWeb. In this role I’ve been approached by tons of startups and organizations looking to …

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Buffer, Inc officially releases Buffer for iPhone

With today’s updated iPhone app, the team at Buffer has officially announced their support for the iPhone device.  This helps round out platforms that support the service.  Buffer’s blog states “The great thing is that we have completed our full range of mobile products with the iPhone App.  Our Android App, that has been out for a few months, has received …

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Who’s Hiring: Twitter

That does it – I’m officially announcing the #ASOA hashtag which stands for All Sorts of Awesome As part of a recent #hackweek project participants were asked to make the best/worst recruiting video of all time. I thinking this one tops the list. With mayhem like this happening on a daily basis who wouldn’t want to work at Twitter?! Related articles Hack …

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