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Predicting the Top Social Media Trends in 2014

Last year was huge for social media. We saw the rise of certain platforms (Vine) and the demise of others (MySpace). As we welcome 2014, are you curious what will happen with beloved social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram? Here are a few predictions for social media trends in 2014. 1.     Tumblr will take a tumble. If …

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Ditch the Tie, Dad Wants Bacon! [Infographic]

Father’s Day is approaching fast. Do you know what gift your dad really wants? In 2012, 39 percent of money spent on Father’s Day gifts was on gift cards, 23 percent was on electronics, 20 percent was on clothing and 20 percent was on tools and automotive. These popular gifts aren’t necessarily what dad wants to get from his family. …

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How Web Entreprenuers Can Use Mobile Podcasts

podcasting and entrepreneurs

Ever since Apple came out with the iPod some years ago, podcasting has gone through the roof in popularity. And because of this new found growth in popularity, many different segments of the population have adapted use of this clever marketing technique. From the obvious (musicians) to the not so obvious (small business owners) – there are a variety of …

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Best Ways To Contact A Long Lost Relative

Tracking down a lost relative used to require a large investment of your time and effort. But now, thanks to the internet almost anyone with some spare time and a computer can track down their long lost relatives for free or next to nothing.   Start by trying to gather as much information as possible on your lost relative’s demographics …

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3 Good Ways To Market Your Small Business Blog Using Social Media

small business coffee shop

There’s a new maxim which suggests that if your small business is not online, you don’t exist. We kindly agree with this maxim and the reason for this is because, we are an increasingly interconnected society and technology is the string that holds it all together. Not hardware technology but software technology in the form of social media. Social media …

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Embed Video Into Your Tweets With Vine

First, if you’re not following Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, you need to – you never know what the guy is going to publish, and usually his updates have some significance to those of us that utilize his service on a daily basis. Case in point, his teaser tweet from yesterday entitled “Steak tartare in six seconds.” Steak tartare in six …

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Tweeting On The John [Infographic]

Let’s face it, most of use take our smartphone to the restroom with us. Maybe because we are waiting for someone to text back, or just want something to do while we’re doing our “business.” Believe it or not, 33% of people ages 18-24 social network while they are on the toilet. We probably never saw this coming, back the …

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Happy Anniversary Tweets From Barack and Michelle Obama

Obama marks 20 years of marriage with romantic ‘tweet’ (via AFP) President Barack Obama marked 20 years of marriage to his wife Michelle on Wednesday with a romantic tweet sent to the first lady — and to his 20 million followers on Twitter. “Twenty years ago today, I married the love of my life and my best friend. Happy anniversary, …

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How To Use Social Media During The Holidays

Although social media is a tremendously rich marketing medium, it’s also a versatile marketing weapon as it allows you to reach vast numbers of individuals at any given period of time, such as during the Holidays. An important time for small business owners and web entrepreneurs. image (via Flickr) During the Holidays is when many are in the buying mode …

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Social Media – Can You Relate?

I’ll ask the ladies out there – have you used social media to express and vent your current relationship status? If so, have you then elicited the support of your social sphere to provide you support as to “what to do next”? I only ask these questions, and direct them to the cyber women out there because I received this …

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