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Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer – TKO 0

Simply put, Cramer didn’t stand a chance. Cable TV is constrained by time and schedules, but up on The Daily Show website, they’ve posted the entire, uncut version of the

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I absolutely LOVE this commercial. Fathers – be attentive to your children PLEASE ! Related articles by Zemanta Nicolas Cage Advises Single Fathers: ‘Don’t Give Up’ ( Strong Fathers, Strong

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Jon Stewart takes on CNBC 1

Jon Stewart has taken it on himself to call out all that is blatently wrong with the financial reporting at CNBC. Ever since the now infamous crack up from reporter

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Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy… 0

Comedian Louis CK, whom I’ve never heard of personally, but after watching this…I like his style, was on Conan O’Brian a while ago and had a bit to say about

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Nickelodean standing by Chris Brown 0

Chris Brown (via Nickelodeon says it has no plans to remove Chris Brown as a nominee for its annual Kids’ Choice Awards, despite the singer’s felony charges for allegedly

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Woz is a fun dude 0

Woz has made his Dancing with the Stars debut. I’m going to go out on a limb and make a prediction that he might not win the overall competition. But

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The Rock Obama 0

SNL is trying to rekindle the success they had with Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin. This past week they did a bit where they showed Obama finally blowing his cool

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Timberlake & Fallon poking fun 0

Justin Timberlake was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night and did a pretty funny bit of impersonations. John Mayer and Michael McDonald were the targets during this exchange.

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Slow Jam the News 0

To the critics and haters out there – leave Jimmy Fallon alone ! It’s only been 1 night and this new gig is undoubtedly his biggest undertaking ever. For those

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What did Elmo just say ?! 0

Sounds like the new Elmo Record & Play Phone Center toy has a bit of promiscuity to it. The toy is supposed to count out phone numbers, and in the

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