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Lee Dewyze: Your New American Idol

If you’re a fan – you watched the show, so no need for me to go over everything that went down. To be honest, there was WAY too much going on for me to do the finale justice anyway. It is also the end of the Simon Cowell era; the surprises throughout the evening and the heartfelt tributes were really …

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Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and her professional partner Derek Hough danced the Jive to Proud Mary by Tina Turner and quite frankly nailed it !! I’m only a half-ass fan of the show (only tune in for the finale), and am pretty glad I checked out tonight’s episode. Below is the video of Nicole and Derek’s final dance.

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Did Del Taco Go Too Far ?

Del Taco has a new advertising campaign. They’re trying to drum up business and appeal to a younger audience. They’ve recently released the following ad and are getting some negative reviews on saying that it’s a bit too sexy. I don’t know – you tell me.

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Conan O’Brien Is Back

TBS has just announced breaking news that Conan O’Brien will be the host of a late night talk show on that cable network. The show will start in November and play at 11 p.m. weeknights. This will move George Lopez‘s show to midnight. Hopefully THAT won’t cause another “timeslot” debacle. FYI – the show is not until November because, under …

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Party With A Purpose: LisaRaye Is Back

Aw shucks !!! – Ms. LisaRaye McCoy is back in the game. First of all shouts out to my girl Claudia Jordan for tweeting about this. Here’s the deal – After a brief break from a booming career, LisaRaye is back in the spotlight with an intimate and provocative docu-series that takes a look at her day-to-day world in the …

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Michelle Obama On The Simpsons

The First Lady has made the big time now – she got a character portrayal on The Simpsons. The lovely and talented Ms. Angela Bassett did the voice-over work during this episode which is shown below. For a bit of background, Mrs. Obama makes a dramatic entrance at Springfield Elementary, much to the delight of male characters Nelson Muntz and …

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Kirstie Alley Comes To A&E

Kirstie Alley, she’s big and she doesn’t like it. She’s had battles with her weight for many years, now she’s going to take her story and life at put it on the small screen in the form of a reality show. Kirstie Alley’s Big Life is set to premiere on A&E on March 21st. I actually saw the preview for …

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Casting Call For OchoCinco Dating Reality Show

ochocinco,chad johnson

Alright ladies – here’s your opportunity to get on TV and participate in the un-real world of reality TV. Yes, this is real. VH1 and Chad “OCHO CINCO” Johnson are searching NATIONWIDE to help him find true love!!! Cincinnati Bengal’s star wide receiver Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson is using his off-season to “play the field” in his new VH1 reality …

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Khloé and Lamar and the iBone

On Lopez Tonight with George Lopez, newlyweds Lamar Odom and Khloé Kardashian Odom talked about how they keep things…sexy while dealing with each others busy travel schedules. Khloé mentioned “The iBone” – sounds like a new product straight outta the Steve Jobs vaults right??? Well not exactly.

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Is This The Last Season Of ’24’?

Of course when I finally start to get into the show there are rumors that the series 24 may be coming to an abrupt end. Per a post in variety.com, studio and network execs have declined to comment — but it’s believed that the final decision will be made in the next day or two. 20th Century Fox is said …

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New Jay Leno Promo

I think we can say that the back and forth wrangling between the Leno and the O’Brien camps is done. Conan has stepped out of the spotlight for now, and Jay is headed back to The Tonight Show. Here’s the first promo commercial that aired last night in anticipation. Related articles by Zemanta Kevin Eubanks Leaving “Tonight Show”? Pick Leno’s …

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