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The Flash vs. Arrow Trailer

Let’s set the scene for those millions of you that are fans of these 2 shows (and you can count me and my family in those numbers)… Barry (Grant Gustin) is thrilled when Oliver (guest star Stephen Amell), Felicity (guest star Emily Bett Rickards) and Diggle (guest star David Ramsey) come to Central City to investigate a case involving a …

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YouTube vs Television – Is There Still Room For Both in 2014?

YouTube has undoubtedly been the unmitigated internet success stories of the past decade; to the extent that many industry experts are predicting it might even overtake traditional television as the primary platform from which we consume the lion’s share of our entertainment, education and information. In fact, amongst 18-24 year olds its estimated that is already the case, with the average young adult American estimated …

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The Liberalization of TV [Infographic]

The state of television today is very different than when your parents and grandparents were youngsters. Back in 1952, it was considered too risqué to say the word “pregnancy”—yet the highly popular “I Love Lucy” did it when introducing Little Ricky. Have you ever seen a belly button on TV? In 1965, Jeannie, Ginger, and Mary Ann were not allowed …

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Pimp My Ride TV Show Review

Do you have a 1980’s Chevy Silverado? How about a 1990’s Jeep Wrangler? Or even that 1970’s Ford Bronco. Do you need a complete makeover of your beloved ride? MTV has hosted their show “Pimp My Ride” since 2005 which will fulfill your needs for a luxury makeover. The talented team at West Coast Customs in California have come together …

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Men Experiencing Labor Contractions [video]

This is a video I believe every man should watch, maybe even experience 1st hand, but ultimately RESPECT. I’m the father of 2 kids and have seen my wife go through brutal labor contractions, but this experiment from Dutch TV put’s the experience in a bit more perspective for us guys. Fellas – would you do this? Source | YouTube

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Football and Television

Sixty-four percent of adults in the U.S. watch the NFL. While technology has afforded us with numerous ways to watch not only sporting events, but television shows and movies as well, sixty-percent of those who watch the NFL games say they are watching it on TV. The invention of the DVR has given many of us the freedom to watch …

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Data Footprints by Generation [Infographic]

All of the media you consume, whether it be through television, the internet, or your mobile device, leaves a digital footprint behind.  With this information, we are able to determine many things about both an individual and a group of people. For instance, we know that millennials (ages 18-29), watch the least amount of television, but are the most connected to …

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Reinventing Local TV News

Where do you look for information about what’s happening in your community and your region? Your choices are vast, so it seems.  But what about the TV? One of the toughest challenges broadcasters face in 2012 is now to monetize local newscasts, and how to create compelling and unique digital content. The demographics are soaring; the average age of a local TV …

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Amazon Jumps in to Stream(ing) with new iPad app

Amazon released the Amazon Instant Video iPad application today giving iPad users yet another way to stream video through their connected devices. Requirements – you have to have an id set up with Amazon, an iPad, and if you want to stream videos for free, a Prime account. I’m already a Prime member because of the shipping discounts I receive …

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Explicit Scenes and Bad Language: The Difference Between British and American TV


TV has become a fixture in most people’s daily lives. Wether you watch it for keeping an eye on the news, entertainment, or simply to keep the kids quiet, it’s usually on, if only in the back ground. You become used to watching certain shows or channels and accustomed to the culture of tv. As a British national who is now backwards and forwards …

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