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61 SuperBowl XLV Commercials – In 2 Minutes

The clever team over at¬†AdWeek have taken every single Super Bowl XLV commercial and made us a 2 minute montage. So if you missed any of them during the game, or in this week since – take a couple minutes to watch the video below, and enjoy. Related articles Virtual 3D Tour of the Super Bowl XLV Stadium (infotainmentnews.net) Theme …

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Michael Douglas: The Journey

Michael Douglas, who overcame cancer last year, narrated a self-written essay at the beginning of Super Bowl XLV. The essay, on overcoming adversity, is called “The Journey,” Here is his essay in it’s entirety: At times, it is a struggle. We witness it, we feel it, we live it. And through it all, generation after generation, we never give up. …

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Top 10 Ads From Super Bowl XLV

The numbers are in – and the top ads during Super Bowl XLV have been determined. Los Angeles-based Ace Metrix, a company that measures the impact of creative advertising on television viewers, has announced that the ad, by Volkswagen of America, was the most effective of the 19 automotive commercials that were televised during the game. The company, which uses …

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Theme For The Super Bowl XLV Winner

Outside of sports, music is an aspect of the world culture that tends to bridge divides and bring folks together. I’m going to make the stance right now – 3 hours before the start of Super Bowl XLV that the official theme song for the Winner tonight should be… Get your copy in the iTunes Music Store here.

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What The Pittsburgh Steelers Listen To Before The Game

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has some interesting therapy and preperation that he implores for his team before any big game. It’s been part of his routine since the days he played collegiate sports and has been integral to his routine with his professionally coached Steelers. So what song resonates with him for today – the biggest game of …

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Mike Tomlin

Black History Month – Day 5 Spotlight: Mike Tomlin Disclaimer: I’m cheering for the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV (that has a little to do with why Tomlin is our spotlight today). Background Mike Tomlin was born March 15, 1972 and is the current head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tomlin is the third youngest head coach in any of …

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Virtual 3D Tour of the Super Bowl XLV Stadium

Since I don’t have the average $3500 for one ticket to attend this year’s Super Bowl – this is going to be the best way for me to see everything about the venue, up close and personal. My 61″ Samsung DLP with Bose surround sound will do good, but still – nothing like being at the event. All that being …

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