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My Top 5 iOS Fantasy Football tools

The NFL Football season kicked off yesterday and by now you should have completed your Fantasy football draft(s).  If you obsessively keep track of your team and your scores (like me) here are the tools I use to stay up to date and, of course, comment on the action.  (quick disclaimer: some of these require payment or a subscription.  This …

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Pay For Your Starbucks Using Square

The mobile payment age is definitely upon us. Starbucks and Square have entered into an agreement whereas consumers can pay for their favorite caffeinated beverage using their mobile device and the innovative Square application. Howard and I signing the deal last evening. #Onward twitter.com/jack/status/23… — Jack Dorsey (@jack) August 8, 2012 The partnership terms include: Customers will be able to use Pay …

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“Don’t Sleep” on BET and T.J. Holmes

Although they were often working in different time slots, Don Lemmon and T.J. Holmes were the dynamic duo of CNN for a number of years.  Relatively young, hip, anchors on THE major news television network, time slots with lots of “prime” time exposure, articulate, intelligent and men of color.  Bernard Shaw set the trend in the 80’s – early 90’s on CNN, but …

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Team USA Olympic Profiles [a retrospective]

Over the last two months, we at INFOtainment News have brought you stories from athletes and sports that typically do not garner the attention grabbing headlines. Since we began, some of our athletes have risen in stature and awareness and thanks to social media, many of them have been able to correspond with you directly. Team USA has 530 athletes and …

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See the Olympics in Style – 5 Luxury London Hotels to Stay At

The 2012 Olympics are almost upon us, with the spectacular opening ceremony set to take place on July 27th, featuring a cast of 10,000 volunteers who will be re-enacting typical British countryside scenes in a breathtaking £27million ($42.3million) performance complete with meadows, rivers and, of course, some English rain! If you’ve been lucky enough to get hold of tickets to …

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Explicit Scenes and Bad Language: The Difference Between British and American TV


TV has become a fixture in most people’s daily lives. Wether you watch it for keeping an eye on the news, entertainment, or simply to keep the kids quiet, it’s usually on, if only in the back ground. You become used to watching certain shows or channels and accustomed to the culture of tv. As a British national who is now backwards and forwards …

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Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con – New Shows from Warner Bros. Television

Tonight I had the opportunity to check  out 3 of the new Warner Bros. Television shows at SDCC : Arrow, The Following, and Revolution First up was Arrow – This was “Revenge” for the super hero fan base.  Millionaire Oliver Queen returns from a 5 year ship-wrecked stint on a mysterious island to exact revenge on behalf of himself and …

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Is it Really because a picture is Photoshopped?

This morning on TV I was watching Good Morning LA and they featured a segment about some girl that wrote a petition to stop Photoshopping models in magazines.  And for whatever reason it had gained in popularity and acquired more signatures. Last time I checked marketing is marketing.  I also see Photoshopped Big Macs on posters and yet not one …

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