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February 9, 2013

Five Alternative Careers in Golf

You do not have to be a professional golfer to enjoy a career in golf. According to the National University Golf Academy, there are now 32,000 golf courses in 119 countries across the globe, 19,000 of them in North America. The golf industry generates more than $75 billion in annual income. At least 25 million people enjoy this game each year in the United States.

With numbers like these, it is not hard to see how there can be great opportunity for jobs of all types surrounding this vital industry. Here are five careers in the golf field that allow candidates to work with their favorite sport even if they are not championship golfer material.

Golf Resort Manager A golf [...]

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February 1, 2013

The Marketing Super Bowl [Infographic]

What does marketing and Super Bowl XLVII have in common? No, there is no punch line; we’re being serious.

Truth be told, the two have a lot in common. The right strategies, tools, and players combine to make a powerful team, whether that be football or marketing.

Having a game plan is essential, with jobs and responsibilities for everyone on the team. The defense, your SEO Specialist keeps the competitors from gaining the upper hand while the Quarterback, the Director of Marketing, directs the rest of the team.

Maybe your team could take a lesson from professional football. Take a look at the infographic below presented by Insightera to learn more.

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December 5, 2012

The Perfect Football Fan

Here we are, in the prime of football season. We’ve got our favorite teams to root for, our favorite jersey’s to wear on game day, and our smartphones in our hands. So, why not put that smartphone and love for football to use? With Football Connect, you’ve got the game in your hands. This application integrates all the live NFL game scores and highlights with a fun social football game you can play with your friends. The app includes every live NFL game, real time game cast, and player stats.

What is a football game without a little smack talk? The New York Jets fans chat the most trash talk of the application, accounting for 25% of all chat on Football [...]

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November 13, 2012

Biggest Underdog Payouts in Sports History [Infographic]

As human beings are wired to fight. We enjoy watching the phrase “survival of the fittest” playing out before our eyes.  Yet, we are especially fond of the “unfit” that beats the odds and comes out on top.

Almost equal to our love of sports comes our love of betting; the thrill of the risk and the exuberance of winning.  It’s no wonder that sports and gambling has always been a beautiful match, lasting for thousands of years.  From the gladiator to the football player, sports audiences have been betting on their favorites for as long as man has fought against man.

Perhaps the most enjoyable win in gambling is the one placed on the underdog and we certainly have plenty [...]

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