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I must rethink my coffee consumption. Convenience vs environmental sustainability… The guy who invented the K-Cup, John Sylvan, doesn’t even own one “I don’t have one. They’re kind of expensive to use,” Sylvan told The Atlantic. Sylvan isn’t just worried about the negative impact of K-Cups on his wallet. As with plenty of environmental activists, he’s concerned about all those …

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Your Rights As A Renter

As we all know, renters face background and credit checks sight unseen by strangers that may or may not have credibility themselves. A group of Chicago real estate professionals seeks to change that and so they started the national apartment review site DoNotRent.com. DoNotRent.com helps renters simplify the process of picking a place to reside by allowing them to look …

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Which Site Might Host Obama’s Presidential Library? [Infographic]

In early 2015, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a nonprofit group, will announce its recommendation for a site to host Obama’s presidential library, which will open several years after Obama leaves office in 2016. Hawaii, Obama’s birthplace, and New York, where he attended Columbia University, are possible spots that could host the library. It’s Chicago, however, that has to be …

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eCigarette Industry 101: What You Need to Know

As research into tobacco cigarettes has deepened over the years, there’s no arguing that they have been proven to deteriorate organs, negatively affect the body’s physical appearance, and possibly cause fatal and chronic illnesses. With this in mind, many people have turned away from traditional, tobacco cigarettes over recent years toward a more safe and less offensive alternative, otherwise known …

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Canada Struggles to Handle Birth Tourism

A new debate has been brewing in the Canadian government. Over the past few years, “Birth Tourism” has become an issue for many Canadians who are unsure about the facts of their background. The government has begun looking into this phenomenon in order to figure out whether it represents a pressing policy issue for its citizens and the nation. What …

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The Life and Times of Flappy Bird [Infographic]

Millions of people all over the world started off their year right by downloading Flappy Bird. The incredibly successful app, created by a single man in Vietnam, took the world by storm, racking up over 50 million downloads and 48,000 ratings putting it on par with classic apps like Gmail. Flappy Bird’s meteoric rise to fame is baffling though, as …

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4 Art Movements that Shaped the World as We Know It

There have been hundreds of art movements since the beginning of time. A few specific movements have changed the way people see the world, whether they enjoy art fully or not. These four art movements have changed our view of the world. Impressionism Image via Flickr by docoverachiever Impressionism was, as its name suggests, extremely impressionable on the people of the late …

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Are Remote Controls Ruining Society? (Infographic)

When we usually think about tech, we’re immediately attracted to the latest and greatest gadgets. These days we look to 3d printing, wearable tech, and drones. Well not everything has to be the most super high tech to be effective and pervasive in today’s society. Take the simple remote control, for instance. Long time favorite of the couch potato, the …

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Memories in a Landfill


We hold millions of little memories in our heads, those snapshots of a birthday party or a mountain vista that we can easily recall on demand. A smell or a song can trigger them, and we’ll savor our mini slide show for a moment. We wish and we need to preserve many of these memories forever. There’s a reason everyone’s …

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The Gray People

John Scott homeless article

They came at me from all directions this past weekend. Imagine ants headed for a Jolly Rancher on a sidewalk. They converged on every human that did not look like them. They were young and old, male and female, and they all wanted something from me. I could see by the looks on their faces that they wanted something as …

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