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Bill Gates Launches ‘The Gates Notes’ Blog

These last few days have been pretty busy for Mr. Bill Gates. From starting a Twitter account and gaining over 200,000 followers in 1 day,  to now launching his only thoughts and musings via his blog: The Gates Notes. “Since leaving my full time job at Microsoft to dedicate more time to our foundation, a lot of people have asked …

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Say Hello To The Twitter Celebrity: Twilebrity

Many of us find a way to convey to our online/social world exactly what is on our mind and what we are doing using 140 characters on our computers or our mobile phones. We use Twitter almost to the extent that it’s an obsession. I, personally, follow a number of people that in some form or fashion portray many of …

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Find Your First Follower On Twitter

I, like many folks on Twitter, have worked to surround ourselves by an ever-growing list of relevant news contact sources. As we get up in the hundreds, thousands and for some of those huge users millions of followers, we may tend to lose sight of how it all began. Well have no fear, come take a stroll down memory lane …

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Profile Of A Twitter User

When Guy Kawasaki speaks, alot of people tend to listen. And why not, he’s made quite a name for himself as both an evangelist and trusted partner when it comes to many things within the technology field. One of his recent blessings on the Web 2.0 universe is that there are six types of Twitter users. If you’re not on …

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Setup An Anonymous Question Box

Image via CrunchBase FormSpring has launched a new, free, product that makes creating a question box easier! Its called formspring.me. Essentially, the idea is that you can set up an anonymous question box where your friends and followers can leav questions for you to answer. You can then post your responses on your social networks (Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and …

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Google Search Just Got Cooler

Say hello to Google Real Time Search ! I found something really interesting tonight when I was doing a search in Google. Typically when I’m looking for a Twitter name of someone, I go to Google Search and enter the parameter [name] Twitter. Simple enough right? Well tonight when I did it there was a frame that popped up in …

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Yet Another Top 10 List for @Twitter Girls

It appears that the online world is making a noticeable shift towards embracing Twitter as the definitive source to answer that ever-intriguing question…”What are you doing?” With that, many media outlets are finding and attempting to rank, or classify top users. Here is yet another top 10 list, from the G4 Network, of who they consider the hottest ladies on …

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