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my facecard: The Social Contact Card for iPhone

my facecard is an iPhone app that has just launched that looks to bring digital contact cards to, “better suit the needs of an increasingly social, mobile and web-based world.” The app brings with it integration with traditional business card information (name, address, phone, etc.) and also social network profile links including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and Blogger, on …

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A Day in the Internet [infographic]

Have you ever sat back and wondered what the global impact of the Internet is on any given day? We all tweet, update our status and publish photos to our favorite sites, but what about when you add all those actions together and get a cumulative assessment of a day in the Internet? Check this infographic for a bit of …

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Budding Google social network sets itself apart

Budding Google social network sets itself apart (via AFP) Like the strong-willed youth it is, Google’s budding social network is confidently going its own way. In an AFP interview, Google+ vice president Bradley Horowitz shrugged off Silicon Valley obsession with a Facebook rivalry and focused on the Internet titan playing to its strengths with an eye on… social network, virtual …

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HP Labs Can Predict How Popular Your Tweets Will Be

Sounds a bit far fetched doesn’t it? Can any analytical tool really predict how many times your tweet will be looked at and even retweeted? The team over at HP Labs has developed a formula that predicts the number of times a news “article will be tweeted with surprising accuracy.” As a matter of fact, the team predicted tweet popularity …

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Social Curation

We are living in a social media saturated world. You have multiple profiles, on multiple sites, in a world where it seems like social networks themselves are multiplying. It is content overload. To know if you’re suffering from it, ask yourself: “When was the last time I checked in on every single profile I have?” For people or businesses with …

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DBA (Doing Business As) Program: Helping New Companies Be Heard

We at HicksNewMedia want to provide a forum/portal/platform for teams and companies to showcase their new product or service. IDEA Consider this a “reverse-engineered, crowd-sourced” environment primarily focused on early,mid-staged startups. It doesn’t matter what market industry you’re in; tech, consumer, business process, whatever – we want your submission. PROCESS – Create a video (less than 5 minutes)- Provide a …

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Pinterest – An Infographic


The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true here. Instead of writing a lenghty text post in an effort to describe what Pinterest is and why it has become so popular – both on the personal side and on the professional/brand side – I thought it better to simply show a great infographic that gives a lot …

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Facebook Launches Interest Lists

Facebook Launches Interest Lists (via redOrbit) The social networking giant Facebook announced a new feature on Thursday called “Interest Lists.” Interest lists allow users to view updates from collections of pages and public figures in a dedicated news feed. Users will also have the ability to suggest these lists to their friends. This new… Facebook, new feature, page, Facebook page, …

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