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Future of the Music Industry

The music industry is a fickle one; just as patterns begin to emerge in consumer habits and industry standards, old ways of doing things give way to new approaches. After a decade of ever increasing sales of digital downloads, the future of the music industry is, in some ways at least, once more a mystery. Changing Habits Define the Marketplace …

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Is Ello Going to Take Off or What?

Ello, the widely publicized “anti-Facebook” social network has launched. Now what? While there was a surge of media attention about what a big event Ello’s launch was, and how the start-up managed to secure a good amount of funding, the hype train already seems to have slowed down considerably. Let’s be honest, Ello did not reinvent the wheel here. Main …

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Predicting the Top Social Media Trends in 2014

Last year was huge for social media. We saw the rise of certain platforms (Vine) and the demise of others (MySpace). As we welcome 2014, are you curious what will happen with beloved social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram? Here are a few predictions for social media trends in 2014. 1.     Tumblr will take a tumble. If …

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3 Reasons to Follow Business News on Social Media

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Whether you’re an established business owner or you’re just thinking of starting your own small business, there are a lot of tools out there to help you along every step of the way. Social media is a big aspect of business operations nowadays, and in many ways you can gain just as much from reading other companies’ social media content …

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Decoding Facebook’s Privacy Settings

Facebook privacy settings change as often as celebrity hairstyles. Because of their changeable nature, Facebook users are often left confused and unprotected. Here are some tips and tricks to help you decode Facebook’s newest privacy settings. Who Can See Your Posts? It’s important to know who can see each of your posts. Employers are using Facebook to weed-out inappropriate potential applicants, …

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Gen Y Can’t I Get a Job? [Infographic]

The average college graduate in the US is $25,000 in debt, but more than half of all these recent grads are unemployed. It’s not just the less-than-stellar economy; there are many reasons that Generation Y—that is, the generation made up of those born in the 80s and 90s—can’t seem to get a job. Gen-Y has a lot going on: they’re …

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Why We Use Anonymity Online

Most of us have had some kind of online identity for over a decade. The good, the bad and the ugly of everything we are is scattered all over the internet, like a trail of digital breadcrumbs. But what if someone wanted to use this information against us? Here are four reasons why we sometimes choose to be anonymous online. …

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Common Social Media Blunders

What do Ashton Kutcher, Ragu and Anthony Weiner have in common? They have all made significant social media blunders. It doesn’t need to be racy pictures, snide comments, or a unfortunate typo – these days any little sliver even a rational personal view can be used against you. It’s important to avoid the pitfalls of common social media blunders and remember the following concepts that …

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Social Media Tips for the Struggling Artist

Up until fairly recently, struggling artists had to hustle in order to make connections and generally promote their work. Oftentimes, this meant physically hauling a portfolio around from gallery to gallery and trying to persuade disinterested owners to show their pieces. These days the need for fledgling artists to make connections is still just as vital as it always has …

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