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Durrington Walls Super-Henge

I LOVE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY!! The remains of a major new prehistoric stone monument have been discovered less than 3 kilometres from Stonehenge. Using cutting edge, multi-sensor technologies the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project has revealed evidence for a large stone monument hidden beneath the bank of the later Durrington Walls ‘super-henge’. The findings were announced on the first day of …

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The Future of Virtual Meetings

The Internet has spearheaded the movement towards instant forms of communication since its early days. Email, message boards and instant messaging software have been helping people to connect more conveniently for decades. It’s the success of these technologies that has driven innovators to come up with new methods, protocols and options for bridging the gap between people using the avenues …

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IBM Expands Reach to African Entrepreneurs with Innovation Space @ iHub

At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit co-hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama in Kenya this weekend, IBM announced a new innovation and collaboration space at iHub – the heart of Nairobi’s tech community. Tapping expertise from IBM’s existing Innovation Centre and Research Lab in Kenya, the new IBM Innovation Space @ iHub will be an open working environment for software developers …

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The Internet in Real-Time [infographic]

I’m a sucker for an infographic. If it’s interactive I’m definitely paying attention. Check out this interesting, interactive infographic supposedly showing The Internet in Real-Time. I say supposedly because analytics at this scale are incredibly difficult to measure and you can’t fully quantify ALL data usage across the Internet. But, it’s a good visualization. Click the animation to open the …

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Hands On: IK Multimedia iRing

The iRing is a “motion controller for music apps and more” by IK Multimedia.  The hardware is essentially 2 hard plastic “rings” that you hold in your hands.  The “rings” are not traditional rings that wrap around hour finger completely – they’re move of an hour glass shape with flat ends that fit nicely on just about any size hand. …

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Advanced technology making inroads in business

big data cloud

There are very few businesses left in the world that do not rely heavily on technology in one form or another. The right technological support is a critical enabler and ingredient of success and many of the services it provides are now in fact taken for granted. More and more organizations are applying an increased focus on their technology in …

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How Facebook Plans to Connect the Whole World

It might seem to us that the Internet has exploded in popularity over the last few years, but about 60 percent of the world’s population still doesn’t have Internet access. Facebook boasts more than a billion users worldwide, and it’s looking to expand business to the people who don’t have ready access to the Web. The social media giant recently …

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Data Tips for Marketers [Infographic]

Data makes the world go round, especially in the marketing business. Yet 50% of marketers agree that data is one of the most underutilized assets. Valuable pieces of information are going to waste by being completely ignored. Marketers are trying harder than ever to gather data, but what to do with it once they have it is the tricky part. …

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Cloud Computing and the Drive to Reduce Costs

cloud computing office

Historically, high operating costs were viewed as unavoidable when it came to hosting web servers and platforms. In recent years, however, a number of breakthroughs caused many to look for ways to cut costs when operating online. An advance in efficiency Recently, Stanford University announced the discovery of new techniques for managing cloud platforms in a more efficient manner. A …

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Mobile Madness: The Best Smart Phones of 2013

You know the drill. Every two years or so you get get to upgrade that seemingly ancient smartphone for a shiny, cutting-edge device. Your reign atop the tech curve for about two weeks, after which another phone dethrones yours as the latest and greatest. Like a new job or girlfriend, a phone is an important commitment. This device will be …

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