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March 18, 2013

My New Favorite Band: The Tennessee Kids

This is definitely going to be one of THE biggest musical tours of the year.

We know the frontmen, JT and Jay-Z, but I’m really digging the band, The Tennessee Kids.

In case you missed the performance from last weekend on SNL, here they all are performing Timberlake’s latest hit, Suit & Tie.

Who’s got their concert tickets already?

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January 21, 2013

Starbucks Verquonica Skit – Did SNL Go Too Far?

I get it – the skit was about less than optimum service and cleanliness at some Starbucks locations. But what’s drawing criticism is the racist undertones of the voices and mannerisms used within the skit.

Take a listen, see if you agree/disagree. A number of folks across the Social Web are chiming in with their displeasure.

Note: If the video above doesn’t load, go HERE to the SNL page to view it.

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December 21, 2009

SNL Pokes Fun At The iPhone

We iPhone users will tell you that there is definitely truth the Verizon vs. AT&T commercials touting who has the better 3G coverage. Plain and simple – Verizon is better (sorry AT&T, get your coverage upgraded).

With that, Seth Meyers took a few moments to poke a jab, more at AT&T than at the iPhone, but it’s funny either way.

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November 8, 2009

Taylor Pokes Fun At Self & Kanye [video]

I don’t think it was ever a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ and ‘how’ she would do it.

Obviously I’m referring to the infamous VMA incident between Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

Hence, the time has come, and Taylor has taken a swipe back in her own innocently sweet way. She took the liberty to poke a little fun at herself as well during her monologue on Saturday Night Live last night.

What do you think? Was it funny?

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