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And A Meme Is Born – The Angelina Jolie #legbomb

If you saw the Oscars, or even if you didn’t see the show, you undoubtedly heard of 2 unforgettable, unexpected occurrences. One was the Sasha Cohen ashing of Ryan Seacrest and the other was the right leg of Angelina Jolie drawing more ratings than the show itself. I got an email from one of the press photo houses this morning and …

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‘The Artist’ eyes Oscar glory

‘The Artist’ eyes Oscar glory (via AFP) best picture,prizes,oscar,actor,best actor,best actress,award,Artist,red carpet,awards season,best actor shortlist,best picture honors,best picture glory,spirit award,War Horse,best actress prize,Hugo,Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,best male lead,coveted golden statuettes,most-watched red carpet,actor sacha baron,actor natalie portman,84th academy awards,Buddies George Clooney,star jean dujardin,best cinematography,annual awards season,turn opposite close,coach billy beane,faux strongman regalia,hacker lisbeth salander,black-and-white hollywood love,co-star octavia spencer,veteran gary oldman,Scorsese,best director,rich …

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Oscars warn Baron Cohen against red carpet stunt

Oscars warn Baron Cohen against red carpet stunt (via AFP) Baron Cohen,red carpet,stunt,Sacha Baron Cohen,2009 mtv movie awards,Oscars red carpet,dictator,movie,11-times oscar-nominated movie,Motion Picture Arts,Toronto film festival,Oscars organizers,movie stunt,uniformed character,Academy Awards,Hollywood Reporter,latest movie,Martin Scorsese,colorful stunts,peasant woman,lead role,heroic story,United States,Eminem,show,The Dictator,star,Borat,flamboyant,spokeswoman,bearded,outrage,lovingly,rapper,Bruno,Hugo,weekend,ceiling,cart [image via]

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Hollywood Data Explorer [infographic]

The Oscars are coming ! No more fitting time to talk about and discuss the financial side of the movie business (as well as our favorite actors and they’re roles on screen). SeeingStructure is easily becoming one of my favorite infographic designers. That team has put together some interesting  interactive infographics. One in particular is this one which is an interactive …

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Getting Ready For The Oscars

The 82nd Annual Oscar Awards is coming in less than 7 days. Co-hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will undoubtedly bring an enjoyable and fun evening to the viewers. INFOtainment News will be your place for all the news of The Oscars IN ONE PLACE !! That’s we do best. To start – check out this compilation of the 10 …

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