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May 5, 2012

Apple-Samsung Settlement Talks Moved to May 21-22

In an attempt to resolve the legal disputes between Apple and Samsung that involves 50 lawsuits in 10 countries, Judge Joseph C. Spero has ordered a court-moderated negotiation to take place in San Francisco, California on May 21-22.


Tim Cook, Apple COO, in January 2009, after Macworld Expo keynote. Picture by Valery Marchive (LeMagIT) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The judge has asked both parties to submit a statement by May 9 that contains a truthful assessment on their claims and defenses.  Judge Lucy Koh, the presiding judge over the two lawsuits Apple has charged to Samsung has ordered the alternative dispute resolution. It is [...]

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April 28, 2012

Survey Shows What Consumers Like about the New iPad

According to a survey published by ChangeWave Research, consumers have revealed their most favorite and least favorite about the new iPad. They were asked to pick up to three answers from a number of choices in the questionnaire.

Their top pick for their most liked feature is the high-resolution retina display, which was chosen by 75 percent of the 2,000 respondents who participated in the survey. The long battery life came in next with 22 percent. The third highest vote goes to the 4G LTE capability of the new iPad with 21 percent.

On the other hand, topping the list of the consumers’ least favorite of the new iPad is its hefty price of $499 with 26 percent [...]

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March 19, 2012

News outlets losing ground to tech rivals

News outlets losing ground to tech rivals: report (via AFP)

Mobile devices and social networks are boosting news consumption but media outlets are lagging behind technology companies in reaping the profits, according to a report published on Monday. “The news industry is not much closer to a new revenue model than a year earlier and has lost more ground to…

news, report, revenue models, news consumption, mobile devices, news organizations, news site, news industry, advertising revenue, us newspaper, technology, better job, digital advertising, News Media report, social media, mobile news consumers, daily news [...]
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October 25, 2011

Gadhafi Buried – Investigation?

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was buried in a secret location at dawn Islamic ceremony. Few relatives and officials were in attendance.

The ceremony marked the end of a nearly 42-year rule, but did not silence the demands for an investigation into his death as well as his burial.

The body of Gadhafi was on display for four days in the infamous city of Misrata. According to Ibrahim Beitalmal, a spokesman for the military council in Misrata, Gadhafi was then buried at dawn Tuesday in an unmarked grave to prevent vandalism. “Islamic prayers were read over the bodies and that relatives and members of the local and military councils of Misrata attended the [...]

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