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March 26, 2012

Hacker ‘command’ servers seized in US: Microsoft

Hacker ‘command’ servers seized in US: Microsoft (via AFP)

Microsoft on Monday said that cyber crime “command” servers in two US states were seized in an ongoing campaign to sever online crooks from infected computers used as virtual henchmen. A team headed by the software colossus capitalized on laws crafted to fight organized crime groups to obtain court…

computers, infected computers, malicious code, botnet, Microsoft, machines, Zeus, proactive cross-industry operation, elusive cyber criminals, online, online banking account, infected machines, Zeus botnets, Zeus malware, virus-infected [...]
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March 14, 2012

Microsoft’s Xbox Turns 10 Years Old

[repostus hash=c6770f50895a1e9420d32283f7d2f093 title=Microsoft%26rsquo%3Bs%20Xbox%20turns%2010%20years%20old host=The%20Inquirer short=17lZK]

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March 13, 2012

Microsoft demos 1ms response touchscreen

Microsoft demos 1ms response touchscreen (via The Inquirer)

HARDWARE DABBLER Microsoft has demonstrated a touchscreen with a response time of one millisecond. Microsoft’s Applied Science Group managed to create a prototype touchscreen display with a response time of just 1ms, meaning that the lag between the user touching the screen and it registering the input…

Microsoft, response time, touchscreen, Applied Science, prototype touchscreen display, microsoft researcher paul, touchscreen operating systems, 100ms response time, impressive surface device, impressive cutting edge, Applied Science division, Most [...]
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January 12, 2012

Bill Gates: Better Than Batman? [infographic]

Now that’s a title that’ll get your interest huh?

I figured with the CNBC special airing tonight on Bill Gates, “How a Geek Changed the World” it would be a great time to publish this interesting infographic from our friends at Frugal Dad.

Mr. Gates’ contributions to, not only technology, but to society as a whole, cannot be disputed…

Check it out – then provide your feedback in the comments below.



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