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A Cool and Affordable Netbook

For people looking to purchase a new tablet PC, it has become a confusing task finding the right one that meets their needs and their budgets at the same time. This is primarily because of the many options available these days. The situation is even worse for a not so disciplined shopper. You could invest a lot of money into …

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Homes Of The Future

As the years roll by technology is helping to advance every aspect of human life. We are seeing some of the futuristic things of tomorrow, become the reality of today. This even applies to our homes that we have come to know and love. We’ve all seen futuristic homes on television that fill our head with delusions of grander about what houses will look …

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A Basic History of Microsoft

Born on October 28, 1955, Bill Gates was the son of Mary Gates and William Henry Gates III. His mother was a teacher at the University of Washington while his father was a prominent lawyer. During his time at Lakeside Prep School, Bill Gates was regularly one of the school’s top students in math and science. By 1968, he began …

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Microsoft Launches “Election 2012 Hub on Xbox LIVE”

Starting Monday, August 27th, Xbox 360 owners will have access to “Election 2012 on Xbox LIVE,” – the ability to watch and interact with live election coverage of the presidential debates on their Xbox. Users will also be able to research the candidates and issues from Face the Facts USA, register to vote through Rock the Vote, and participate in …

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Windows Phone’s Abilities Showcased Through Baseball Bucket List

Microsoft is – to coin a phrase – “kind of a big deal” these days, and they’re using that momentum to launch a brand new campaign to showcase the capabilities of their Windows phones. Steve Gebhardt and John Tramutolo – two editors from The Roosevelts – are traveling to Major League Baseball’s greatest stadiums for what they’re calling the “Windows …

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Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad Comparison

Recently, Microsoft has announced that they are launching 2 tablets in the near future. The first one is called the Surface RT which will probably rival Apple’s iPad. Below, we have compiled a comparison between the tablets: Battery The iPad outlasts the Surface RT as Apple is claiming that the battery life can go up to 10 hours while Microsoft …

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Bing Gets More Social

Microsoft is trying to shake up the search world – get you Binging instead of Googling… Admittedly, I like the random daily wallpaper from Bing (yes, I the Apple Fan do have a PC laptop in the office. We’re cross-platform here at HicksNewMedia). Bing is looking to leverage your overall Social Graph and position recommendations from Bing searches closer to …

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Microsoft Xbox games for iPhone and Android

In a move that has surprised the technology world, Microsoft has announced that it is bringing its flagship online multimedia and gaming suite, Xbox Live to the users of iPhone and Android mobile devices. The official confirmation from Microsoft first reported by Forbes confirmed the rumors that have been circulating since Microsoft posted a job listing on its career portal …

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Karen Cheng to Microsoft “Take This Job and …”

Not your typical resignation letter – but definitely very Social InterWeb influenced. Karen Cheng is leaving Microsoft and heading to the up-and-coming startup, Exec. Who cares you ask? Well, this story could have many different angles. Here’s a short list: Program manager on Microsoft Excel leaves big corporate Microsoft for up-and-coming tech startup Exec is the next incredibly cool tech …

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