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January 17, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: Lance Armstrong – A Cancer Survivor’s Perspective

On July 31, 1996, I walked out of a doctor’s office for the first time in three years free of cancer. I quietly got into my car and drove home. No party, no celebration, no fanfare, just a car ride. The term cancer survivor was not in vogue and the future of my health hinged on the results of quarterly follow up appointments. In 1996, there were no survivor resources, support groups (“Support groups? For young men with Hodgkin’s Disease? There’s just no demand for that,” informed my physician), guidebooks, races, blogs, books, pamphlets, heroes, anything. Nothing.

Flash forward to today. If someone gets cancer at any age, Lance’s Foundation, Livestrong, has resources for all [...]

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June 30, 2012’s 2012 Tour de France Coverage Delivers the Ultimate Destination for Cycling Fans

As cycling fans eagerly await the start of the 99th Tour de France – where the world’s best cyclists will cover a 2,173-mile, grueling route in just 21 days of racing – Rodale Inc.’s Bicycling magazine will once again lead the pack with unprecedented coverage of the world’s biggest bike race, available at

Editorial Note: There’s so much negative news surrounding the sport right now with the Lance Armstrong  alleged doping charges that we wanted to publish some good news about the race…


With a multi-platform editorial attack – online, video, print, tablet and social – and by sending its [...]

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October 3, 2011

Cancer Survivor – Part Four of Twelve: Lance Armstrong – A Cancer Survivor’s Perspective

He has won seven Tours de France, raised hundreds of millions of dollars for cancer-related charities, and stands as an inspiration to scores of people. He is accused of taking performance enhancing drugs, has enraged dozens of cycling journalists around the world, and has had many difficulties in romantic life. He’s a dad, marathoner, philanthropist, and political figure. He is the world’s pre-eminent cancer survivor. This of course is Lance Armstrong.

Cancer survivors are mixed in their evaluation of Lance Armstrong. While legions of followers of LiveStrong, his not-for-profit foundation to promote the prevention, cure and survivorship of cancer, hang on his every Tweet, [...]

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September 17, 2011

Cancer Survivor – Part Three of Twelve: The Drive for Five

“Cancer may leave your body, but it never leaves your life.” The above is from the LiveStrong, the cancer fighting foundation created by Lance Armstrong, Manifesto. When I first read the Manifesto and this line, it touched me deeply because it authentically puts words to the first few years after cancer. And for someone ripped from remission back to the cancer-fighting front, the first half feels like impossibility. But, the empowerment of this line gives cancer survivors the right to feel fear and “normalizes” those five years after cancer.

Upon hitting remission, I was told (both times), that if I made it five years without cancer recurring, the odds of it returning were [...]

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