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Hands On: Cheero Power Plus 3 – 13400mAh

This week we reviewed the Cheero Power Plus 3 13400mAh rechargeable battery. Please see the video below for details and the bullet points below for a summary of our findings – the good, the bad and where to buy. The Good: High capacity to size ratio Compact Light weight – 252 grams (8.9 oz) Recharge time was as specified even …

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2 cell phone mounts for your vehicle

Check out our hands on review of 2 products from Mountek that allow you to mount your phone in your vehicle.  Or, in the case of the nGroove Snap – several other places as well. specs nGroove Grip – $19.95 Really easy to use, fits in CD player slot, holds various sizes of phones.  Check link for detailed product specs …

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How to Download free Music on PC, Mac and iPhone

Where do you get new music? Buy on iTunes or Amazon? Although their media libraries are huge, they lack some rare recordings, amateur and professional remixes, and local songs. Meanwhile, YouTube and SoundCloud provide almost all possible tracks in a variety of versions. And what’s great, you can get all these tracks absolutely free and without special tech knowledge. Let’s …

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Hands on: LifeCHARGE Juicypack LCD 10400

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been carrying around the latest phone/USB charger to cross my desk and this time it’s the LifeCHARGE Juicypack.  To be more specific its’ the LifeCHARGE Juicypack LCD 10400 mAh Portable Dual USB Power Bank.  All in all, that description covers the basic (and best) features of the product (except for the “Juicy” part… not …

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IK Multimedia Launches iRig Voice

IK Multimedia announced the launch of their new, colorful microphone today and we’re giving you a first hand look.  We tried it with our iPhone 5S and recorded the entire embedded video with the new mic.  I’m pleased to say that background noise was kept to a minimum as were the snaps and pops you find when speaking in to …

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IK Multimedia Announces the iRing

We cannot wait to check out the music making abilities of this new offering from IK Multimedia.  Check out the following press release and then stay tuned for a review, just as soon as the hardware arrives in the mail. ____ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE IK Multimedia ships iRing, the first motion controller for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch music apps and …

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The Life and Times of Flappy Bird [Infographic]

Millions of people all over the world started off their year right by downloading Flappy Bird. The incredibly successful app, created by a single man in Vietnam, took the world by storm, racking up over 50 million downloads and 48,000 ratings putting it on par with classic apps like Gmail. Flappy Bird’s meteoric rise to fame is baffling though, as …

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Hands On: Carson LensMag™ for iPhone 5

The Carson LensMag™ magnifiers are very easy to use macro lenses that attach to the iPhone 5. They attach magnetically and add either 10x or 15x magnifying power to your camera (Yes, the pack comes with 2 lenses).  The only downside is that you have to remove your case.  It’s not a big deal but if your case is hard …

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Hands On: Etón Rugged Rukus and BoostSolar

I recently had the distinct pleasure to review a couple of Etón’s solar products, the Rugged Rukus – Green and the BoostSolar-Green.  Etón (http://www.shopetoncorp.com) carries products under the Etón brand as well as those under Grundig and American Red Cross.  Under Etón brand, you’ll find the solar bluetooth speakers and rechargeable batteries (among other things) which is what first drove …

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