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IK Multimedia Announces the iRing

We cannot wait to check out the music making abilities of this new offering from IK Multimedia.  Check out the following press release and then stay tuned for a review, just as soon as the hardware arrives in the mail. ____ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE IK Multimedia ships iRing, the first motion controller for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch music apps and …

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Hands On: Pogo Connect

pogo connect

Synopsis – amazing   When I first heard rumors of the iPad, I imagined it would be an amazing tool for artists who could use it to draw or paint on the go.  When the first devices came out, I was disappointed with that we got in terms of ‘artist’ friendly functionality.  Yes, my expectations were too high but after …

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iLine Giveaway – Week 2

It’s week 2 of the iLine giveaway and we’re still just as excited to share these cool iLine kits with our readers. Our earlier review is here, if you are interested.  There are six cables in all – Mono Output Adapter Input Output Extension Stereo Aux Headphone Splitter RCA Output Adapter Mono Output Splitter The kit retails for $59.99.  Contest …

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Hands On: Padcaster

Have you ever seen someone at an event taking pictures with their iPad and wondered why they wouldn’t just use something like a phone or a smaller camera? I’m semi-ashamed to admit I did. Not that I’m some sort of tech snob but I had an issue with it. This was more of an issue when the first cameras on …

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Is the iPad a Proper Gaming Platform?

On the unveiling of the last iPad, Epic Games’ President Mike Capps stated: “this device has more memory and a higher screen resolution than the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3” Unsurprisingly this quote has been blown up, thrown up, blindly championed and vehemently disputed by over-sensitive fans from all camps. Many tech and gaming sites, in an obvious bid to gain …

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Hands On: Jabra Vox corded headphones

I’ve spent the last couple weeks with the Jabra Vox as my primary set of headphones for my iPhone 4S and iPad 2. First off, a little history…in the past I’ve had trouble with any headset or earphones that didn’t go over the ear. They just wouldn’t stay in properly so I was very interested to see how these would …

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HBO GO update version 2.1 – AirPlay improvements, Game of Thrones enhancements

If you subscribe to HBO and have one of the participating providers, you really should be checking out HBO GO.  Hours and hours of content are provided and this most recent update provides better support for AirPlay and multiasking.  Here are the notes on version 2.1 changes from iTunes – “- Includes AirPlay multitasking capability — other apps can be …

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Marvel offers 700 #1s for Free (again)

If you’ve been looking for a reason to try out digital comic readers, this is it – Marvel (and Comixology) are offering up 700 #1 issues for free.  They made an attempt at this last month and I’m guessing it was so popular that the servers had a tough time handling the volume since it was eventually shut down.  I tried …

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Flipboard enters curation game

With the release of the 2.0 version of Flipboad and the introduction of bookmarks and ‘magazines’ – they’ve jumped in to the world of content curation. Watch the video for a comparison between Flipboard 2.0 and the previous version. It will be interesting to see how content providers react over time as Flipboard users start to create and publish their …

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Hands On: Usagi Yojimbo app

When I saw the announcement for Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin, I was pretty stoked. As a comic fan, when I see some of my favorites make it to the video game screen, I really like to see that the game has to offer. I jumped on this one as soon as I saw it. This game is made …

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