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9 Facts about the Most Covered-Up Condition in U.S. History

asbestos cleaning

The usage of asbestos has caused a tragic mark of illness on families across the nation. Some medical observers have noted that it’s possibly the biggest epidemic of disease made by human beings in the history of the United States. Perhaps even more tragically, though, the entire epidemic was completely preventable. Mesothelioma is a disease caused only by asbestos exposure. …

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How Much Does Your Sin Cost? [Infographic]


The government is making a profit off of our bad habits. A “sin tax” is a tax added to any products or services that are considered to be unhealthy, and it’s a big business. In 2011, states collected $50 billion in sin taxes alone. Cigarettes are the most taxed consumer good in the world; 58% of the price of cigarettes …

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Five Things The Government Has Done Right [Infographic]

There is a widespread belief that the American government can’t do anything right and should pretty much stay out of key societal matters. The fact of the matter, however, is that the government has gotten it right on a number of occasions. It was the federal government, for example, that built the interstate highway system. Without interstate highways, inner cities …

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The Value of a Well-Armed Citizenry

In the wake of deadly shootings in Aurora, CO and Sandy Hook, CT, the nation centers on concerns for citizen safety and the gun control debate heats up. While many believe that strict gun restrictions are a good thing, others believe that the right to bear arms should be preserved and protected. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states, …

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The Presidential Battle in the Mobile App World [Infographic]

The presidential election is almost here and our beloved candidates are doing everything they can to convince the American people to cast the vote that might make all the difference. Since eighty-eight percent of registered voters own at least some type of cell phone and roughly half of them own a smart phone, the candidates have been using every resource they …

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The U.S. Is Missing Out On A Jackpot

As of this moment, the U.S. national debt stands at an astounding $15,783,386,298,430.97. Take a minute to really digest this figure. This number will have skyrocketed even further by the time you finish reading this piece or viewing this well-designed infographic that addresses a revenue-increasing measure that all states should adopt, which is to legalize gambling. If all 50 states took …

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Gadhafi Buried – Investigation?

Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was buried in a secret location at dawn Islamic ceremony. Few relatives and officials were in attendance. The ceremony marked the end of a nearly 42-year rule, but did not silence the demands for an investigation into his death as well as his burial. The body of Gadhafi was on display for four days in the …

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Protecting Consumers from Unexpected Overdraft Fees

Elizabeth Warren introduces Andrew Giordano, a retired Baltimore police officer and Vietnam veteran who manages a fitness center for seniors. In 2009, his bank made a mistake that caused confusion about a replacement debit card for one of his accounts and automatically enrolled Andrew in an “overdraft” protection that he never asked for—a practice that has since been prohibited. Andrew …

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West Wing Week: 12/17/2010

This is the inaugural entry, in what will be a recurring series of posts, videos and commentary on the key items of the past week that were of key discussion within the U.S. Federal Government. These topics affect each and every one of us (irregardless of which country across the globe you reside in). We’re looking for feedback and recommendations as we …

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Jon Stewart Has Some Fun With The Mama Grizzly

Last night on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart addressed Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzly” coalition and the media’s interpretation that Palin is now a feminist leader. Stewart brought on Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent Kristin Schaal to discuss who these “Mama Grizzlies” are and what they mean to Palin’s political movement. “Mama Grizzlies? It sounds like Sarah Palin’s strategy is to release, …

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The Next Governor of Tennessee ?

Please let it not be true that THIS is the best thing the Republican Party in the state of Tennessee has to offer as a candidate for the office of governor. Ladies and gentlemen – meet Mr. Basil Marceaux Should you be so inclined – you may find Mr. Marceaux’s official YouTube site here.

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